New HTML Editor in ERPNext v11


I am looking at the new version 11. Now at:

ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.20 () (staging)
Frappe Framework: v11.0.3-beta.25 () (staging)

The new HTML editor used for all HTML fields is much less functional than the previous one used in version 10!!

Shortcomings include:

  • Cannot work on code like the one in version 10. Which is a major issue.
  • Editing an image size does not work on Chrome and worked on Firefox.
  • Without the coding, cannot edit the image properties!

Did I miss something about the new editor? For example, was anyone able to resize an image from within the editor in Chrome? How?

Just to make sure we are aligned, I am attaching the screen shot showing the image without handlers to pick and drag to resize the image.

Chrome screenshot:

Firefox screenshot:

Old Editor in v10:

Can we vote to keep the old editor? Who agrees to keep the old editor?

What do you think?



@knimer I agree with you.

Also, it is not supporting a bulleted list in RTL

Hi, in my case, the html editor not found for the Web Site módule.

Any similar issue?


Can someone post this as an issue on github. I am not a technical person… and do not know if this is under ERPNext or Frappe… Will be great to raise this in github.

@knimer Done

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Hi @knimer,

thank you for sharing! Not being able to edit the html code is an absolute no-go, this is essential!

May be this can help

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Is this resolved? I used a lot of html to customize some of the printed info (for example T&C) When trying to migrate I cannot get this to work for the moment. Ant work around that is useable?

Please Help, Since bench update to V11, I unintentionally clicked save my website front page without any changes, and my front page of my website css becomes chaos, which later I noticed, I cannot change code using HTML editor. please help to point out how to restore from the previous version of the html code ? it was a already a complex layout and coloring, took me 4 days to designed it.

You can try this solution, but I think that you are going to find that some of your original HTML code is gone and will need to be re-created. Sorry.

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