New Improved Salary Structure and Salary Slip

Great progress. At present it is still based on monthly payroll - any future plans to implement weekly / fortnightly?


It is really good, can I have more help in upgrading existing structures?

We have manually taken backup and have previous data in all salary structures but not conditions & all.

Great Work.Can we please make allowance for the variation of the rate payable to an employee in case of time sheet based payroll.Take for an example a staff of a company X works at various project sites of company project A ,B and C.In a particular month he worked for 14 days in a site A at the rate of $80 per day,he worked for 8 days in site B at the rate of $100 per day and spent the remaining 4 days in site C at the rate of $135 per day.I know you can add more than one time sheet but i am not sure whether different rate is possible.If is not possible,we would request such feature should be added
Secondly,we would also request that it should be made possible that formula can be written on the output of salary calculation to determine one of the salary component.Take for example a staff that has the following salary component: Basic $2,000,HRA $800,Transport $700 .Gross Pay is therefore $3,500.To get his net pay the only deduction which is Personal Income Tax must be calculated.Information needed to calculate his personal income tax are as follow:
$1,200 + 10%of his gross income is declared as not taxable while the remaining balance of his gross income (in this case it is $1,950 i.e $3,500-($1,200+0.1*$3,500)) is subjected to prorated tax as follows:
First $500 at the tax rate of 7% which equal $35
second $500 at the rate of 10% which equal $50
First $1,000 at the rate of 20% which equal $190 (i.e 0.2*$950 )since balance is not up to $1,000 you take the balance.
In this case the Personal Income Tax payable by the staff is $275 (i.e 35+50+190).
The Net Pay of the staff is Gross ($3,500) minus Personal Income Tax ($275) which equal $3,225.
The question is this can we write a formula to calculate this $275:The Personal Income Tax in this New Improved Salary Structure?
Earnestly waiting for positive reply

For condition, is it possible to put more than 1 condition?

If those conditions will have same formula associated with it, you can.
Can you give an example?

Hi @KanchanChauhan,

For example,

if age=>30 & bs<2000, bs*30%

You should be able to add it like this:

age => 30 and bs < 20000

That is cool!!! Thanks!

What are the operators, logic, and commands we can use in the condition or in the formula ?
i.e. ( =, >, <, and, or, -, +, /, *, if, else, …)

The conditions and functions are python expressions, so you can use all of those.

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Thanks Rushabh, I made a complicated expression and it works fine:
(10000.07 if B>=1000 else B.02)+(1000*0.1 if B>=2000 else (B-1000)0.1)+(10000.2 if B>=5000 else (B-5000)*0.1)



Is it possible to make a salary structure without the earning section, i.e. just using basic salary and deductions? Also, are non-latin abbrevations allowed?

You might still need to add Basic Salary amount in Earnings table. Abbreviations will depend on your default language.

thanks for great work ,is there any means to calculate Over time using this formula?
like there are different payment rules for different over time timings like for holiday, weekend, knight, midnight and so on,so if an employee works in those 3 conditions in one month how can we manage this?
please give us any hint?thanks

Try using timesheet to manage overtime.

How do I Setup a deduction based on the month of salary
Like in March we need to deduct 300 PT instead of 200 for other months?

There is a way to have access to datetime module in the conditions?
I need to calculate the antiquity of the employee based on the date_of_joining so, for example, if the employee antiquity is > 10 will have B * 0.2



Dear Sir/madam,
please Suggest how can we made salary structure in erp next, because our salaries are made from gross Salary. while the erp next Creating from basic salary.
plz suggest

Hello Sir,

I am trying to write formula in same fashion the way you have written. but getting error. Please Check and suggest your valuable suggestion.
Please check below link sir.

Salary Structure Formula Issue