New Improved Salary Structure and Salary Slip

What are the operators, logic, and commands we can use in the condition or in the formula ?
i.e. ( =, >, <, and, or, -, +, /, *, if, else, …)

The conditions and functions are python expressions, so you can use all of those.

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Thanks Rushabh, I made a complicated expression and it works fine:
(10000.07 if B>=1000 else B.02)+(1000*0.1 if B>=2000 else (B-1000)0.1)+(10000.2 if B>=5000 else (B-5000)*0.1)



Is it possible to make a salary structure without the earning section, i.e. just using basic salary and deductions? Also, are non-latin abbrevations allowed?

You might still need to add Basic Salary amount in Earnings table. Abbreviations will depend on your default language.

thanks for great work ,is there any means to calculate Over time using this formula?
like there are different payment rules for different over time timings like for holiday, weekend, knight, midnight and so on,so if an employee works in those 3 conditions in one month how can we manage this?
please give us any hint?thanks

Try using timesheet to manage overtime.

How do I Setup a deduction based on the month of salary
Like in March we need to deduct 300 PT instead of 200 for other months?

There is a way to have access to datetime module in the conditions?
I need to calculate the antiquity of the employee based on the date_of_joining so, for example, if the employee antiquity is > 10 will have B * 0.2



Dear Sir/madam,
please Suggest how can we made salary structure in erp next, because our salaries are made from gross Salary. while the erp next Creating from basic salary.
plz suggest

Hello Sir,

I am trying to write formula in same fashion the way you have written. but getting error. Please Check and suggest your valuable suggestion.
Please check below link sir.

Salary Structure Formula Issue