Newbie needing some help - same product & different suppliers - howto handle?

My bad. What I was trying to say was 1 supplier per PO.

Oh whew! Yes, 1 supplier per PO. PO generates after you create sales order and it will generate based on supplier.
So, back to question of how to filter the second column after choosing first column in Sales Order Item.

I documented our workflow as you suggested. I am stuck on two things. Linking Supplier Number to Item. Filter second column of Sales Order to only show Items sold by supplier that you select in Column 1.

Hi Heather, try to disconnect SO form PO. Your SO should be agnostic where it comes from. In the SO, you should postpone the decision as to where it comes from. [assuming selling price is the same no matter what]. Then make a material requisition MREQ to fulfil the SO. Then create a PO the best way as the most optimal price. here you need a customisation to choose different supplier by item and route your drop ship orders.

Build a small customisation and it will save you a lot of headaches.


Thanks for the suggestion. I understand that would be ideal but not how our industry works.

Suppliers might have the plant we need today but not tomorrow so inventory fluctuates rapidly. We have to create the sales order based on the supplier’s stock and/or quality.

WE are the middle man between customer and supplier and it is our job to source the highest quality based on customer. WE are the ones that determine the supplier because we know cost and quality. So, we create each sales order for the customer based on our knowledge and relationship with them. (some customers like cheapest price, others want highest quality, etc…)

We receive the order and immediately source the products by calling or emailing the suppliers to see what they have and sometimes we have to get pictures and then we process the order. The customer relies on us to generate the sales order. Price is different from each supplier. Even if both have item A, price might be $5.00 from one supplier and $6.50 from another. We charge different price to customer based on where we get item from too.

ok make up your mind. :slight_smile:

An iphone5 is an iPhone5 is an iPhone5. Either they are the same product sourced at different prices.

OR they are different products. if quality differs they are not the same.

Try a different idea. when you get a sales order use the supplier portal to give you quotes RFQ. Let then enter product codes as per thier availability (of stock). Convert those RFQ into PO and you are done.

In any case you have to coordinate availability via phone with your supplier. this way put the burden on them. Then combine it and and create a SO (might need customisation) for fulfilment from you to your customer and a PO to drop ship the orders.

I seem running out of ideas other than some customisation. cheers

haha. Yes, I’m a bit all over the place because I keep trying to see if I can make it work like the suggestions. Sorry for that!

They are different products due to quality so let’s leave it at that.
One product=one supplier only.
Supplier=multiple products.

I’m back to square one now. I need to select supplier and then filter product on their list of products. Seems simple enough but I can’t do it. Any help on dynamic link so when supplier is selected, it only shows products linked? Is that the right direction?