Nextcloud integration

Hi @Dale_Scott be so kind an link the new thread if you have created on so other people may follow the breadcrumbs.


Hi @lasalesi, here’s the thread I was talking about yesterday…


Nice! This is certainly useful, especially with the same open source background that NextCloud and ERPNext share!

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Hi there @wojosc another feature that would be pretty cool would be the option to disable the built in erpnext chat and replace with nextcloud chat, and for notifications/mentions to come from erpnext to nextcloud via webhooks or something similar.

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Hey guys, we have been talking internally as we level our startup tasks.
Many of our customers and ourselve sincluded would certainly benefit form this.
As we were discussing during a work session with @monroy95, we would be willing to work on this specific application as a core feature for ERPNext, with sponsoring from whoever wishes to contribute.

The objectives would be:

  1. Create a new integration, and submit PR to core

Similar to:

Proposed Functionality

  • File Manager would synchronize a list of present files on the Remote Nexctloud server periodically or based on REST API calls. (endpoints for sync)
  • When downloading, redirect file download and fetched form Nextcloud server.
  • Files uploaded to ERPNext, would be copied to remote server.
  • For every file uploaded, user can select local ERPNext server storage, or any of the file storage Integrations. We are thinking something kind of similar to what our friends at @Martin_Seibert Media have done with

    Open to further discussion (please send DM or Find me on Telegram group public help)

Hello to you all. We have a PR for this feature ready, @Basawaraj_Savalagi was so kind to push this.

We have already put down 1000$ on the matter. Any one else willing to chip in to cover the remainig 1000$. thank you @zuron7 for commiting to contribute 100$

Thank you all for you help!


How do we contribute ?

hi @olamide_shodunke thanks for asking. You can just post your proposition here and @Basawaraj_Savalagi will get back to you for invoicing details.

Hi @Basawaraj_Savalagi,

Will this maybe be possible with webdav, for internall use ?
Or instead of Nextcloud for Seafile?

looking at the PR they have solved it using webdav:

Hi @Basawaraj_Savalagi, you can let me know how the contribution needs to be done. Feel free to ping me anytime. I check by the forum every couple of days.

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I have sent PM to both @zuron7 and @olamide_shodunke . cc: @wojosc

@itsdave is so kind to chip in. In exchange for a nice print view. Good Deal :slight_smile:

Absolutely fantastic! I’ve been looking to synchronise my Erpnext, Nextcloud and Mautic contacts. At least one system could be connected soon.

Thanks for your effort.

I’ve been looking to synchronise my Erpnext, Nextcloud and Mautic contacts.

@markusbln there already is a plugin for integration of Mautic into ERPNext : GitHub - dokos-io/mautic: Mautic integration with ERPNext

thanks, yes I saw that but seems to be abandoned und has not really many features. I’m running v13 for erpnext and v3 on mautic.

Overall it seems not like a quite often used combination. At a later state we probably chip in for a better integegration if somebody else is also intersted. For now it’s not a big deal and a nice to have.

Can we have a call or meeting today? 4PM IST?

Hi @asoral, who is we? :slight_smile:

You and me.

Let me know if we can get on a quick call as this would help me understand the scope and this would help me plan for timeframe better