Nextcloud integration

Thanks , Installed and learnt that backup is working but o click migrate now , files not being migrated.
Some guidance will be extremely helpful !

I could see files migrating to next-cloud, will evaluate and update , thanks that the given functionalities is useful for many of the business vertical.

What is the roadmap regarding integrating CalDAV, and CardDAV to replicate calendar and contacts with NextCloud instance?

Pibical project provides these integrations. However, it appears futile to run two applications to integrate with a NextCloud instance.

How to integrate the two projects into one?

How to integrate the two projects into one?

Put some funds towards it :slight_smile:

No need for funds, just try the new release of pibiDAV a Frappe/ERPNext App for integration of files between Frappe and NextCloud. Try it downloading from (GitHub - pibico/pibiDAV: pibiDAV is a Frappe APP to Integrate Frappe and Frappe Apps with NextCloud (possibly Owncloud also but not tested))


Superb, We will install and understand as we are keen to use the Nextcloud for our CA practice firm and will explore how we can use it

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Thanks for sharing this valuable feature,
Need detailed steps on Below option, this folder structure is it created automatic or manually?

it is created automatically.

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