No Modules Card Displayed on Desk

Do we contribute to documentation via github ?
Can you please provide pointers.

Would definitely like to help improve documentation so that others don’t have to spend time like we have to do now.

Here’s the repo for the ERPNext user manual

This outlines how to edit and submit changes to the docs

Here’s the repo for Frappe, that ERPNext is built on:

Thanks. On it

I had the same problem, some users didn’t saw the modules that they should have access and I solved it with editing the database - table tabUser - column home_settings
For Administrator it should be:
{“modules_by_category”: {“Modules”: [“Getting Started”, “Accounts”, “Selling”, “Buying”, “Stock”, “Assets”, “Projects”, “CRM”, “Support”, “HR”, “Quality Management”]}, “hidden_modules”: []}

After that commit and restart the ERP and then you can edit the user from “allowed modules” again.