Not able to scroll down to select from link in Quick Entry

@Muzzy mentioned you because you resolved previously a problem related to browser settings (Unable to drag rows to reposition child table fields - #4 by Muzzy) and I think my problem now is related to browser setting (chrome://flags).

I am not able to scroll down and select option from the link field when I am working on Quick entry, but it is working in full screen. Can you please help?



Hi. Not an expert on browser. Maybe it’s cache that’s needs to be cleared. Will leave it to someone who has better knowledge. Sorry can’t help you.

Have you tried another browser like Firefox? Maybe it would work fine on it

It is not cache 100% as I cleared cache for browser and I cleared cache for ERPNext and even I did fresh installation.
I tried from windows version 8 and version 10 and from ubuntu and I tried google chrome and mozilla and the problem is the same !
What windows you are using and which browser you are using and do you face the same problem?


Can anyone help in this problem?
I tried a lot to resolve it, but until now did not find any solution.

By the way, this problem is happening in all the pop up windows in ERPNext (like summary windows).

@Muzzy you do not face this problem? What is your OS and browser?

Any help? Appreciate if someone can help me and sorry for bothering. But I tried a lot to resolve it.
I have been facing this trouble for more than 2 years.
Could be because I installed ERPNext on Ubuntu with GUI at ubuntu? I am just try to find any reason.
Because I tried to browse ERPNext on windows 10 and windows 8 and using google chrome and mozilla and the problem is the same.
The only OS that the browser worked fine with it is Mac.

I am wondering that no one is complaining about it !!!


This surely is a bug. Also in the meantime use cursor keys on keyboard or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Edit: I’m not sure if this is a bug.

Hello @root13F
Thank you a lot for replying.
Are you facing the same trouble?
I am facing this problem since more than 2 years (from version 8 , 9, 10 and 11). All this long time and no one noticed it?


Hi Bilal

I think it must be your browser. Have you any add-ons or extensions in use? If so please disable these.
Also just to rule out your browser, try doing exactly what causes the error in and see if you get the same problems.

This might help you narrow down where the problem is

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I just noticed this in version 8 and 10

Thank you @bghayad for bringing this up.

I am facing same problem on almost all such scroll forms in v11. This usability has to be identified and fixed. Will post more info as I get more info.

This also happens on quick entry forms when you get vertical double scroll bars similar to below horizontal bars.

Will also post animated GIF here.


Similar issue on vertical horizontal bars.

@aakvatech I think with the animated gif you’ve provided that this may be deliberate behaviour. The item window has the focus so when you try to drag you’re trying to drag the main window underneath which means that you’re are saying you want the focus back on main window instead.
I have noticed this behaviour and it is a bit odd but I guess I have got used to it.

Ask Faris about this . He is the guru on such things

I found the following:

  1. Scroll button allows scrolling down and up
  2. Keyboard allows scrolling down and up

So I think for user not to get confused, the 2nd scroll bar should be removed.



I tried to login for but it is giving me Verifying and not login … it stay like this as shown in the below image:

How did you resolve it?

Are you facing same my problem as my gif attachment? How did you resolve it?

So, do you mean to scroll down and up using the keyboard to navigate the child table?

By the way: do you have idea if it possible to drag and drop this child table window? Because sometimes, you need to see a data in the main screen while you are entering data in the child table fields. As I see, in ERPNext, this drag and drop is not possible. Why? Can we change this? From where?


From my understanding it is not possible as it is a modal view on top of existing page

I scroll up the link field till the top of the browser then click it to show the dropdown so that we don’t face that situation. Othertimes, I tell users to reduce the zoom to 70% and get job done.

Other way is to edit in full page and then go back to the previous screen where you started to create the customer/item/supplier/etc.

Hello @aakvatech
Thank you for replying and your kindly participants.

Regarding to double vertical scroll bar while using the child table, this problem is not existed in version 10. Why you are using version 11? It is still beta.
Anyway, why you did not create issue in github for this issue?

Now, let us come to the point that I raised it which appears in Quick Entry: what is the solution for it? Do you have an idea from which css or js file can be resolved?

Please we need your participation: are you facing any of these problems? What is the OS at your machine that you are browsing the ERPNext from it? Is it windows or mac?


It is now staging and it passes our requirements. v12 is beta (develop) now.

I thought it was just me and didn’t affect so much, but yes, as the usage increases it does affect. Will raise a bug once I know more details so that it is easy for a developer to fix it.

Hello @Julian_Robbins

Appreciate your kindly help and advise and awaiting your reply:

Are you facing any of these problems? What is the OS at your machine that you are browsing the ERPNext from it? Is it Microsoft Windows or MAC? And what is the OS version?



I added this issue for github and appreciate your contributions: