November' 21 Roadmap

In line with IFRS,for asset depreciation,we should make it possible for depreciation rate to change after asset revaluation.

Hey @harshit-30 ,
Great update! This definitely keeps the community in loop about the direction we are moving in.

With the 04 Dec 2021 mandatory E-invoicing regulation by Saudi Arabia’s ZATCA (tax authority), ERPNext accounting will become redundant if we don’t add this feature on Priority. December 4th is the last date. Lots of users from KSA are anguished, and few some shifted to others like Odoo(they implemented it) and other standalone solutions due to lack of feature from us. Umair had given an approx date of late Oct, but so far its not been merged.

We need to make sure ERPNext stays at the top of the game, and capture the market in Gulf.
80% work is already done by @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi and @Mohammed_Redha, but has some bugs (e.g POS E-invoicing) & need extensive testing etc. Need someone dedicated supervise and merge it to the core.

Do let me know if there is anyway I can contribute and expedite the process.

What is included in the Warehouse Management System? Will this be a Row - Shelf - Bin system?

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Great manufacturing features, I want them now :slight_smile:

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Ability to edit Amount on Submitted Additional Salary

Frappe frame work

Data import improvement

  1. both export and import with translated column header
  2. support both empty and same content parent row as same document


respect user permission in accounting reports, especially accounts receivable



  1. For chemical manufacturing concentration management is essential.
    All chemical active components have their concentration parameter specific for exact batch/lot. So, concentrations should present and be used for calculations in BOMs, in MRP, in ordering, in inventory arrivals, in manufacturing, etc.
    Even worse, there are several concentrations. a) Typical (for ordering), b) supplier MSDS (active component supplier guaranties “at least” concentration), and c) exact for specific batch (for manufacturing). Batches should be “breakable” when only part of the batch is used and the another part is returned to warehouse for later use.

  2. Container management. When we order components, for example, from China/India/…, we need to track mixed containers with different components from different suppliers. How they composed, where is container right now, estimated arrival times for ports, custom releases, etc.

Is enough time by the end of November? :rofl:

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I would suggest creating a request and mapping out for process manufacturing end to end. That would increase the manufacturing base 4 fold.

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Thanks for the updating the Roadmap !
In Manufacturing Module, Inspection Required check is at header level. This is applying Quality required for all items including Scrap Items.

Inspection required should at Item level check box

Add One more option for Manufacture at Item level

If “Inspection Required in Manufacturing” is Yes then in Stock entry it should be applicable only for these items and not for all items.
for more information refer below link.

Satish Aralkar

Checkout on ERPNext E-commerce using Mpesa Express

i am willing to donate for the chat module development… pls share roadmap on the same…


This use-case will be mostly covered. Fixes has been worked-upon as well. We are working-out the architecture and shall soon the same via Github Issue or other discuss post.

Can you please create a separate Github Issue for this feature request, with detailed specs and examples? If it already exist, may be just add a use-case to it.

We shall soon plan with event to broadcast this feature with the community.

Most probably. For now, we should be taking this feature off the list and re-add once specs are clear. If you understand the gaps between WMS and ERPNext well, please share the same via another discuss post or Github Issue.


The Front End/E Commerce feature has come a long way, very impressed. I think the one glaring thing missing is multiple payment options for check out.

Would be great to have a pre-order option on an item by item basis. Where a product could be ordered, but not charged until processed manually. Might be more of a payment gateway integration enhancement.


is e-commerce refactoring going in with this as well?

I wish the image carousel AKA product image slideshow can be display in the product page while uploading and NOT separate page to create it.

would be nice to select if the thumbnails show on the side or bottom too

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Would like to see enhancements in After Sales
A product that is sold may come back to the manufacturing unit or to a service centre with the following conditions

  1. service / repair / Replacement under warranty
  2. service / repair - warranty expired / Paid Service
    the system should capture the following

a) Material Inward
b) Serial Number
c) info of the product based on serial number
d) Inspection of product and fault diagnosis
e) spares required - used for estimate of repair to be sent to the customer
f) Repair / Replacement Authorisation
g) Repair Details - Spares and Labour used
This should trigger stock deduction
h) generation of Invoice
i) if replaced then the document should show the previous serial number and the present serial number
j) After sales analysis -
Most part that is getting changed
model with frequent repairs
Repair frequency
cost to the company when serviced under warranty

There can be a few things that i might have missed
Thanks and regards

Please create an issue with detailed info on our Github repo for this to be considered in the upcoming roadmaps.

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It has already been released in v13.11.0.

Thanks @njb, this is a valuable feature, please raise an issue over our Github Repo with detailed specs.

Thanks for this. There is an open issue that addresses this Option to choose payment gateway in shopping cart · Issue #12787 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub From a requirements standpoint, I will add some additional thoughts to the existing discussion. Thanks.

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