[ok] Easy Install Script for Erpnext 13 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Docker

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Hello, how can i use the Easy Install Script to install ERPNext 13?


				f"FRAPPE_VERSION={example_env['FRAPPE_VERSION']}\n",  # Defaults to latest version of Frappe
				f"ERPNEXT_VERSION={example_env['ERPNEXT_VERSION']}\n",  # defaults to latest version of ERPNext

Can you help me?


Hello Jannis,

do you want to install the System via Docker or Plan on the Server? Easy Install is as i know only for the Plain installation. The Docker Setup is a bit complex and has some limitations.


i will use now ERPNext 13 with Ubuntu 22.04 native install:

Did you have input for me?

sorry not really, i have ERPNEXT v13 and v14 running in Docker. I was just on your thread because of Docker in the Title. The easyinstallation i have never done myself.

Hello @tareks , did you have read the topic her:

Easy Install Script for Erpnext 13 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Docker

How can i install Erpnext 13 with Docker?

My Docker Erpnext 14 is working: —>


Thank you

before you build the frappe framework you need to change the version in the .env variables.

We have set them to this value:

this also must change


I don’t find there FRAPPE_VERSION=v14.19.1 to change.

i suggest that you use manual installation not using docker because it is easy to manage and working very well in our organization but if you still want to use docker then i think it is better to not use the docker easy install script because it is buggy and you get full control like selecting the frappe version (maybe?). So for docker you can follow the install instructions on: GitHub - frappe/frappe_docker: Docker images for production and development setups of the Frappe framework and ERPNext and dont use the easy docker installer

Frappe framework version and ERPNext version should use same major version.
make both to v13.p.q or v14.x.y (Change p, q, x, y there are no such tags, you will face docker pull error with p.q x.y in tags)


In case of docker it won’t really screw up the system like native version mismatch. All the images except frappe-socketio uses the ERPNEXT_VERSION. It means if you use mismatch version you are just using frappe socketio v14 for everything else on v13.


Which part of the https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frappe/bench/develop/easy-install.py should i change to get ERPNext 13 with the Easy Install Script?

How can i change the default value?

Can you give me a template?


Hello, is the solution to difficult?

Thank’s @revant_one

GitHub GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

❯ curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frappe/bench/develop/easy-install.py > easy-install.py
❯ python3 easy-install.py --help
usage: easy-install.py [-h] [-p] [-d] [-s SITENAME] [-n PROJECT] [--email EMAIL] [-v VERSION]

Install Frappe with Docker

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p, --prod            Setup Production System
  -d, --dev             Setup Development System
  -s SITENAME, --sitename SITENAME
                        The Site Name for your production site
  -n PROJECT, --project PROJECT
                        Project Name
  --email EMAIL         Add email for the SSL.
  -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        ERPNext version to install, defaults to latest stable

try -v v13.43.2 or --version=v13.43.2 if it works for you.

sudo python3 easy-install.py --prod --version=v13.43.2 --email jannis@gmx.com


Check for me:

History for bench/easy-install.py Commits on Jan 24, 2023


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My System


 cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
vendor_id       : AuthenticAMD
cpu family      : 23
model           : 1
model name      : AMD EPYC 7551 32-Core Processor


free -m
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:             964         508          70           0         385         273
Swap:           4095         806        3289

Docker image

sudo docker image list
REPOSITORY       TAG          IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE
frappe/erpnext   v13.43.2     809d3835ce90   6 days ago      1.54GB
redis            6.2-alpine   cb7aa3675db4   7 days ago      27.1MB
mariadb          10.6         9abe0aec0e5e   6 weeks ago     404MB
traefik          2.5          865923368a9f   12 months ago   101MB
hello-world      latest       feb5d9fea6a5   16 months ago   13.3kB

Docker container

sudo docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                     COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS                 PORTS                                                                      NAMES
5db1c6634500   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "nginx-entrypoint.sh"    6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-frontend-1
fa40d4e4316d   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "bench worker --queu…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-queue-short-1
b32a8349f832   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "bench worker --queu…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-queue-long-1
3cd2de6cd585   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "bench worker --queu…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-queue-default-1
74efd47d8885   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "node /home/frappe/f…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-websocket-1
09f0c9470fda   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "bench schedule"         6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-scheduler-1
8167c54780f7   frappe/erpnext:v13.43.2   "/home/frappe/frappe…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours                                                                                        frappe-backend-1
96331b558c41   traefik:2.5               "/entrypoint.sh --pr…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours   >80/tcp, :::80->80/tcp,>443/tcp, :::443->443/tcp   frappe-proxy-1
7b2514341fe5   redis:6.2-alpine          "docker-entrypoint.s…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours             6379/tcp                                                                   frappe-redis-queue-1
8ab1fdace757   mariadb:10.6              "docker-entrypoint.s…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours (healthy)   3306/tcp                                                                   frappe-db-1
853fa4840e13   redis:6.2-alpine          "docker-entrypoint.s…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours             6379/tcp                                                                   frappe-redis-socketio-1
232cc5432fce   redis:6.2-alpine          "docker-entrypoint.s…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours             6379/tcp                                                                   frappe-redis-cache-1

docker volume

udo docker volume list
local     1fe9a321cafb9ecbeb88b104b3cf5eb8b41ff92c356dac75a378691379dc7bd2
local     4fc50222dba50ed590cc70f94e0d565ebb620576cf44d9e6b0446a0215b2c532
local     32f539bbe29ac8d6f64b05a4a89be15e59effe428d655881076a86e7c00b8608
local     0568db36e93d8f51d5caf51f0f2220b85675d5a24fc6c9427ed0067cc6c33e2a
local     718eecdba72b036a6f5763408d78bfcb26d1818888f22396e60d5b28f414e9da
local     988fb9421935fc781d234a55a61ba37abb7016742316640f223c465aefafc50f
local     2006cae36ddbc9b0598380f1a3a27383f2cc5b78c532924c0b04fbaf599b06e3
local     54649f916a31ba1905c2877b6c7d518ca70f0d3f7b33f89f82eb37be490afc61
local     917445e4ca403017af561cdf0d212832db1d59ed5482bfcd6970cfce353fc0f4
local     28809786c0b854baa9fa1f23d6a829d1a79327096d32cc6f32438d7ba7ba80cf
local     b8a35aeb2f9f34df4e1fde461ae50fa2114ac4769a5ddcc10383141c1b4ecd1c
local     b26f79edd6181efb8d22472ffed3d0208608de4d3b41f174ac0ae84695aacb10
local     d5bf81848819fe2f0542fa07ca60ae5a6f48fffcda1abf828315c768d00af6c6
local     d9b8a8a583b2469e9e94484cd892c64b429cbc0bc523c7704c1674298f4f9fb0
local     f1f8567d51d50d783992566f828effc0425a51898758b751dd75bf3737652d58
local     fdd4f122eecab9b443f491e2ad3b6c755b221d96dc9422c73dd67c61fd3c69e9
local     frappe_cert-data
local     frappe_db-data
local     frappe_redis-cache-data
local     frappe_redis-queue-data
local     frappe_redis-socketio-data
local     frappe_sites


Please edit the Arguments in the manual GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps


Here are the arguments for the easy-install script

I’m missing:

 -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        ERPNext version to install, defaults to latest stable


hi, can I ask how do you install v14 via docker?

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