Opinions on using ERPNext for website vs Wordpress etc?

We are doing an ERPNext implementation. We currently have a Wordpress website. We’d like to have integration with storefront on the website. We could do this with wordpress by adding store plugins etc. Our corp website is fairly simple, but we do use some wordpress plugins etc.

What are people’s opinions on using ERPNext to host the corp website vs having it be external on Wordpress etc?

Also is there a better forum for asking these types of questions. I find that my posts usually receive little to no responses and always hope for more discussion. Thanks!

ERPNext website builder has come a long way, you’re able to make nice sites without code customization. You may need to customize your store to get to the level you may need, it is sort of an MVP for now.

The biggest advantages ERPNext has over WordPress are:

  • Integration
  • Customizability
  • More secure by design and as a result of not being as popular as WordPress
  • Easier to deploy a new site

Otherwise WordPress easily gets you the look and functionality, gateways you want. Will be happy to know which way you choose to go.

I will play around with the website building a bit more. Wordpress is not perfect by any means!

Would you say that I would need an ERPNext expert to build a new website theme on ERPNext?

Do most company’s that use ERPNext have their website also hosted on the platform?

Thank you for the feedback?

it depends on what your final product and time and cost and the developers team you have. can they make your requirements happen ? do you need inventory and accounting and crm all these modules already exist in erpnext and integrated in the right way .

my experience with wordpress developers : when i worked on small projects they get the job done . but in projects that need special requirements and customization they can’t give me all the customization i needed and i got stuck middle of project , we rewrite the whole project with frappe and erpnext , taking a complete wordpress theme and add it to frappe with cms . it’s faster and take less time than the wordpress in development . but that because the wordpress developer was all about plugins and can’t do lot of customization as we needed . frappe is amazing fast apis and easy to scale and customize.

Have you ever consider using some https://mobirise.com/ software?

If you so, I believe you can create a very good site, and enjoy the beauty connection between front and back!

I have not used mobirise. I will check it out. That does look interesting. I can see how that would be useful. Easy to generate some nice templating that we can drop into ERPNext site.

Do you guys foresee any SEO related issues around using ERPNext? This is something that is “point and click” in wordpress, although I believe a lot of those tools probably work with any site (ie like Yoast SEO which we use on our site).

Depends on what exactly you refer to when saying SEO. Is it simply to add meta tags and alert and make search engines aware of what to do with the page? Yup, Frappe can do that. Are you looking for more advanced functionalities (like word count, tagging, etc), then no. There’s also the ability to plug into Google products like analytics (through website settings) and search console.

The blog module also features a yoast like interface now to aide with how search results may look: