Option to generate Profit and Loss Report between two dates

Dear ERPNextTeam,

We have a requirement to generate Profit and Loss Report between two dates whereas currently it has option to generate periodically.

Please let us know how can we get this option available in the report.


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For now there is no option but you can customize the profit and loss to generate between two dates

Hi Sanjay,

you can use report: Financial Analytics, but this report will give output value in two column Dr and Cr.

I managed to create below customised Profit & Loss Statement between two dates:

What I did:
Created copy of

  • existing Profit and Loss Statement
  • financial_statement.py
    Modified filters to include fiscal year and period (.js and .py file)
    Modified get_data() method in new financial_statement.py file to pass parent account with root_type

I am currently doing testing and will share codes once I done with testing.


That would be great. Thanks.

Hello Sanjay,
I must also customise the report to generate between two dates.
My python level is low, is it possible to share your files?

Thank you,



Os your code ok now ?

Can you share it ??


Would be interested if been any more work on this functionality.
Will be looking at doing a selectable YTD option for P &L.

This is already available from V12

@olamide_shodunkewe have added this and Balance Sheet within 2 dates in POS Bahrain. It can be for less than standard 30 days as well.

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i cannot see this option.
only start year and end year.
we are looking to have P&L for period say 1/7/20 to 30/9/20.