Override Controllers events

Hi everyone, I’m with a little issue, in ‘controllers/accounts_controller’ there’s a validation: ‘validate’ , and I want to override this event like we do in another doctype but in the hooks when we want to override some events in doc_events we set the doctype in this case I don’t have a doctype someone know how can I override this event that are in controller.

Thanks for advance.

I think this is a big problem for the further development of ERPNext.

Thank you @jg.gural but I’ve alreade fix it, well not fix it but we made a script to override some default methods, thanks for the answer.

Hi @Thiago_Henry,
Could you give me details on how you achieved overriding the default methods?


Hi @krithi_ramani we have a python script that override the erpnext, so we created our own controller. I don’t know yet how override right way but when I found a way I tell you.

Hello! I need make the same with taxes controller. How do you did??