Override Function Triggered by Scheduler Event without modifying core files

Hi All,

I want to override the Quality Review Creation which is triggered by the scheduler_events daily. The option at the moment is to comment out the line in the erpnext app hooks.py file

scheduler_events = {
“daily”: [


and add a similar line in my custom app scheduler_events. Also Copy the Review Creation Code from erpnext app to my Custom App.

Is there a way to override functionality triggered by the scheduler events?


I think we can’t override hook file content, every hook in each separated app will work in parallel

But this should have a solution!

Try to override the ‘review’ method in your custom app , where you could modify the review creation code as per your requirement.

Now check if even though the scheduler triggers the core method, the overridden one in your custom app runs.


@krithi_ramani don’t get it, Can you elaborate little?

Have you found any solution for this ?