Paid Support to assist with POS

Hey guys,
I have been struggling with this issue for a while and have not got any response, so I’m resorting to paid support if there is any.

Sales Invoice Customer is required against Receivable Account

Everytime I file a POS closure, it throws me that same error. I’ve tried multitude of things to no avail. AFAIK, on closing, a Sales Invoice should be generated automatically, because the error specifically points to “Sales Invoice” and not “POS Invoice” according to the Naming Series projected.

I’m in dire need of help and I really hope someone can sort this out once and for all for me.

Thank you.

Since this has been answered in your previous post, please mark this as closed if you don’t have any other concerns related to this post.

Hi @harshit-30 I can’t seem to close threads. No option for me to do that. But yeah, the issue has been resolved and this thread can be closed.