Patched wkhtmltopdf not available for FreeBSD

I understand that ERPNext needs the patched wkhtmltopdf version, which is not available as package for FreeBSD.
The compilation of wkhtmltopdf for *nix and *BSD seems to be rather involving, if I understand this situation correctly.
There are quite a few alternative bits of software that can create .pdf - is there anything available for ERPNext in order to get away from this rather capricious piece of software (wkhtml2pdf it is)?
Any thoughts or tips are welcome.

A search on ‘wkhtmltopdf replace’ notes two alternatives but the jury has not voted

Replace wkhtmltopdf to phantomjs?
ERPNext docker discussion - #38 by ianneub

Yeah, we already have a node instance running, we can use that to spin PDFs too, someone needs to look into it.