Payment entry party type

I’m facing a problem with party type in Payment Entry section. In Payment Entry section, there are some fixed party types, in my case types are: Customer, Supplier, Employee, Shareholder, Member and Student.
It does not fulfill my requirements. In this section, I should have freedom to pay to anyone, like Frontaccounting and many other software.
Below is my case:
Suppose I pay BDT 500 to a technician who came to repair our land phone line. We need not register him as a supplier, coz this situation may happen once in a lifetime.
Similarly, we buy a box of pencils from a shop at BDT 100.
We give a payment BDT 700 to labor.
I want to pay all these entries from Payment Entry section, not from Journal Entry or Expense claim under HR Module.
Is there any solution?

For that you have to do Customization in payment window

Maybe there should be a Party called Anyone (or anything similar)?

Have you tried that way? Do you have that type of experience?

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I have added a common supplier named “Market Vendor” to make all such payments. Please check the image below. I’m paying money and the system is showing the supplier’s account balance negative. Coz, I’m paying money but nothing is receiving. In fact, for this type of small payments, we can not generate “delivery receipt” all the times. It’s not feasible.
Now how can solve this issue?

I think this is a proper example to why we need Expense Voucher

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For that in case of Cash transaction you have to adhere pretty cash management.

Because you pay to anyone (common suppler or direct expenses) cash will have a negative effects

Can you please explain in detail? I could not understand your point.

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