Payment entry problem

Dear ERP next users i found one issue regarding payment entry
if you make a sales in credit you will make the collection using payment entry and if it has with hold or other tax the ledger must look like( assume you make a sales of 20000 and the customer gives you 19600 on cash or check and 400 a with hold receipt the ledger must be)
Debtor() customer 20000(credit)
bank(cash) 19600 and(debit)
withhold 400(debit)
but now in V7 it is not like that its making it
customer 19600 (credit)
bank 20000(debit) and
withhold 400(credit) but 1, withhold must be debit not credit,
2, customer must be 20000
3, bank must 19600 but its not like that also when we want to edit the bank allocated amount, it is not allowing us,…its only allowing us to edit the debtor side balance.

any one who can give me answer on this issue please as we are in urgent need of this solution?thanks in advance!


Please create payment entry on these lines. Withhold account will be debited automatically.

thanks it works!

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