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Dear Experts ERPNext

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I am trying to submit payroll entry, system shows a pop-up message each time as:

If I change 2120-payroll payable account then at General Ledger Report sytem does not show outstanding amount of that particular employee.

Kindly guide about this.


Hi @Naveed1,

Please check the company master payroll account.
If both same then this type of issue is faced, I think.

Thank you!

Dear @NCP
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Kindly tell me how can we adjust columns width of a doctype in ERPNext (Like MS Excel-increasing / decreasing column width and moving tab/column left to right & right to left etc.) while taking print in just a seconds.

In The below pics (Local software) I just scroll Product Name to increase its width easily as well as sequence order.

Kindly write client script. Thanks

Hi @Naveed1,

Please create a custom print format and set it.

Otherwise if using a print format builder then provide the option of width.

Please check it.

Note: Please create a new thread for the new issue.
Frappe has a large community. so if anybody has an answer then will reply to you.

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Thank You!

Thanks @NCP.

Actually in this way we have to set width manually. I am discussing about adjusting width by scroll colum like MS Excel. I am trying to upload video to show you. but option is not let me to upload video

I think it’s not possible. ERPNext does not provide the flexibility of column width on print time.

Can any code/client script solve this issue?

Hmm :thinking:

No Sorry

Dear @NCP

I hope you will be fine.

Dear I want to get the following Tax Fields at the Item Table in Quotation at Print Format.

Kindly guide/help me please how can I get this result at print level.


Hi @Naveed1,

You should develop the logic according to the Item Tax Template.

Thank You!