Payroll Entry - Editing List of Employees

Many thanks for your reply, I am not coding any more for years :slight_smile: but I already have a professional programmer who already created a code for me to solve this issue and assign salary in credit side for each employee from payroll but I have to admit that I couldn’t trust that code as long as I don’t understand how it is affecting other involved accounts and keep in mind any related processes; more over I experienced that when adding any customized code then upgrade my current version to higher one I again need to re-add the code and confirm it is working properly with new version.

Yes, that is correct. If you want your payroll entry to automatically generate a journal entries that is broken down by employee, you will need to use custom code.

If you want to avoid custom code, you can simply manually amend the journal entry that gets created to show whatever you want. Cost center won’t help you here.

I just saw this pull request. This looks good to me - logically as well as programmatically (though my opinion here doesn’t really matter and the PR is closed so it won’t matter there either). Sorry to hear that it wasn’t considered. I know open source contribution process can be frustrating at times but that should not affect our willingness to contribute (not that I have contributed anything to this particular open source forum).

Yes, that seems to be logical. And as @peterg has already pointed out, cost center won’t be of any particular use.