PDF Printing for Customized Print format leaves many blanks due to ITEM Description

We have customized our print format in HTML & CSS using JInja for Sales Order.
Our Item Description is in a large table formats which need to be printed on the sales order too.
So we have designed customized print format for sales order but stuck at printing & creating pdf from the Erpnext GUI.
As can be seen in the Attached images file we need to print out items on multiple pages with auto page break, currently our pdf is being generated with one item description on a single page only and doesn’t allow to print the description on multiple pages.

A few things to check

  1. Check if you have allowed page break inside tables in your Print Settings
  2. You may have to repeat table header on each page. Ref: Repeat Table Header in All Pages in DocType
  3. Once you have solved the table header issue, you will most likely face issue of content getting overlapped over the header on next page, view the following post for solving the issue
    Repeat Item Table Header Overlap - #6 by Manan_Shah

Hope this helps.

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