Performance issue with v10 pos

i facing this problem 3 weeks ago until now i’m running 4 core ubuntu 16.04 16gb ram and i followed the performance tuning wiki page notes but still facing performance issues with 11 pos machine live plus 5 users at backend

and here is the htop output


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What Performance issues are you facing ?

This is very similar to a set up for one of my companies

very slow loading

as htop monitoring the command from /user/sbin/mysqld taking 100% of cpu

How many items?

How many customers?

2000 item
1450 customer
40000 invoice
11 live pos machine
5 backend users

These are not large figures.

@tundebabzy can you chime in ??


Have you analysed PROCESSLIST?

here it is

Try tuning your innodb_buffer_pool_size. Try first with 2GB while innodb_buffer_pool_instances is set to 2. See if there is a change in performance or not

its set to 12G but innodb instance are not found at settings.cnf at /etc/mysql/conf.d
you can see here that gunicorn also eating the cpu

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No no 12G is way too much unless ERPNext and MariaDB are running on different servers altogether.

the recommendations at performance wiki page said 70-80% from total ram and i have 16g ram

No that would be a good setting for those who are running seperate servers for ERPNext and MariaDB i.e. an ERPNext instance with a remote database setup. Try tuning it down to something lesser according to your database size.

However innodb_buffer_pool_size won’t solve the high CPU usage by gunicorn. I’ll see if this has been raised on the forum and get back to you.

EDIT : I found this link which has similar POS problem like yours

It is recommended by a user to try and experiment with varying number of gunicorn workers. You can find out the gunicorn worker numbers in your currentsite’s site_config.json

3000 items and
2500 customers.