Performance Issues During Checkout v12


We have this issue with our erpnext instance. We built a customer checkout flow:

Our application works as follows: We upload an order list, process the orders, create customer profiles, create orders, and send out an SMS to the customer with a link in format

Customer logs in , the application pull up the sales order list, so customer can proceed to select an item, checkout and pay via stripe.

We have a performance issue when the customer tries to retrieve records during login, it can take upto a minute for the sales order details to show up.

Anyone with ideas on how to speed this up? or cache sales orders on the platform once orders are created?

Looking for help!! We are stuck on this. Looking to speed up this flow.

To run a profiler will help to identify exactly where your bottlenecks arise.

Some performance enhancements are noted here [Release Notes] ERPNext & Frappe Version 13.0.0 Beta.2 - #2