Performance report for v9+ ERPNext in high sales volume environment

Yes! worked very well

But there are several slow points, for instance logging in could take almost 80 seconds, I observe there’s an avatar lookup somewhere in the code.

On one site, certain accounts cannot login INCLUDING the Administrator, this is a v10 installation, clean, I have reset the password using bench severally, nothing has worked, just 3 accounts are able to login. Its embarassing, the Admin account unable to login, so certain advanced stuff gets handicapped.

Also, even after commenting the monthly sales out, cancelling still takes over 2 minutes for a sales invoice. Meanwhile, FYI, our sales invoices here are like 500k right now.

3.2 Million GL entries, 1.2Million stock entries. Its a relatively huge db and I’m thinking ERPNext is looking for way too much within these tables, maybe in a way that needs improvement.

Hi @noetico

Why is this marked solved?


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I dont understand!

Some update on this; we are being forced to vacuum all sales and probably empty the GL table, apparently none of the tweaks seems to help, maybe marginally at best.

We will leave the stock tables; no one there cares any more about accounting; its a test; we are concerned for database issues as some references will be dropped since its a partial clean up.

Overall; theres a lot to be done to optimize erpnext; I think the system needs some adjustments if its going to be used for fairly big operations.

@olamide_shodunke can you please confirm that offline pos is reliable now?

I can confirm that it is quite stable now


ok, thanks.

So the client cares little about the account tables so we deleted the data in all sales tables and the gl table, system is fast now, but the evening will tell.

They will be forced to use the offline pos which appears to be the only real fast solution to this issue.

I think its the touchscreen thing, seems i may have tapped to mark it unknowingly