Please stop showing release notes to ALL users!

Hi @f_deryckel

This is not feasible at all… especially when you have lots of users. You have to check each user’s roles and figure out which modules they should see based on each role. You then have to manually make adjustments whenever roles are added or removed! Imagine you have 60 users (many actually have lots more), how would this be managed effectively?

Also, this doesn’t solve the issue of shortcuts (dropdown on cards) showing stuff the user doesn’t have permissions for. All these filters really should be dynamic like we had in previous versions

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Okay… I like the idea of being notified about changes so that I or others might be prompted to add to the code-base for upgrades or fixes.

However, that kind of attention is typically only relevant to “System” level users or “Administrators”

It is when these same notifications are presented to the lowest wage earner in the organization that may be counting stock in the warehouse or restocking shelves in the store, that is when these notices cause alarm and actually intimidate the end user because they are afraid to make a mistake by simply clearing a message that they cannot or do not understand.

These lower level users actually stop what they are doing and seek guidance from other authorities before they will even clear the message! This not only impacts the workflow of the business but causes lost revenue due to the worker being sent off on a tangent simply because they are afraid to make an uninformed mistake.

Setting levels for allowing the system update messages is the smarter approach. I have had to completely disable them in my client sites manually in order to keep them as clients. Not that long ago I lost potential business when I setup a demo site for a selected group of prospects to test the user interface and evaluate the usefulness of ERPNext to their businesses. The complaint they voiced was the irritating number of update notices they were receiving. It was also the first factor (and sometimes the ONLY factor) they would list in their review as a reason to seek alternative ERP systems and resources.

Again, my personal experiences and my personal opinions here.

And as always… Your mileage may vary :sunglasses:



@bkm remind me again how you disabled them? I know you brought it up some months ago and someone gave you a way out. I was not listening then because it was not a major issue for me …then…now it has become a very major irritant especially since upgrading to v12 for most of my clients is not an option, so the nag simple will not go away

How did you do this ?

Here is a link to the post I created about this last year. I edited the post to include the link to the solution. Please read it carefully before you attempt the fix.

Hope this helps.



My point @olamide_shodunke is quite clear. Take the time to read my post again. If you want it your way, either submit s bug report, change it yourself, or hire someone.

I have no issues with the notice being displayed, so you see, it is all relative.

So discussing the issue on discuss.erpnext is not an option?

Do you know how many issues are raised in discuss and the solutions are found on discuss? Or turn out not to be issues after spirited discussion on discuss? Or are brought effectively to the attention of the development team on discuss? Or are brought to the attention of the general public for discussion by the development team on discuss?

Please do not hamper discussions of important discuss on discuss. (Hope you see what i did there)


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I never said do not discuss the issue, but raising the issues as a rant is totally uncalled for. Language is important, and I took pain to stress that in my initial response.

Again, pointing to my initial response, I outlined the options available to users of the system. While there were some who contributed to the topic by offering solutions and ways forward, there were some that went ahead and started branding something as horrible and thus not giving the benefit of the doubt to those who accept or are indifferent to the feature. So for the third time in this thread I am pointing out that everything is relative.

Let’s engage, but do so constructively.

Hi @crafter

This doesn’t look much like constructive engagement to me :blush:

Let’s imagine that ERPNext started showing ads for all sorts of unrelated products and services in your organization’s email communication (both internal and external)… would you consider that as a horrible user experience? You probably would (if you run a serious organization)… but I can assure you that a couple of people also won’t mind

My point is that, if we were to go by your original response (which honestly seems to me like trying to score cheap points), there would never be a possibility of anything being described as horrible as long as someone doesn’t mind! This of course isn’t true because as you yourself rightly pointed out, everything is relative!

As you might have noticed, many people actually agree that it’s bad UX and should be changed or at least made optional. And just for the records, many of those who agree with this point of view have contributed substantially in one way or another to this project over the years so saying that calling out the UX on a couple of features as horrible (which in fact they are to lots of users) “shows a gross under appreciation for the [entire] project” is not only misleading and ridiculous but downright… weird as @olamide_shodunke so succinctly put it

If you don’t find the feature unpleasant, simply say so rather than trying to portray yourself as one who appreciates the project more than others!

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Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes, we don’t realize the real impact of some changes to the end users unless they face it and give feedback.

We believe it is very important to know about all new features and fixes in a new version. But agree, it might not relevant to all users.

We will fix it to show the release notes only to System Managers.


Good on you @nabinhait. Thank you for taking the feedback and working towards a solution. Much appreciated.