PoS - Double Printing Security Flaw

Hello all

We use offline PoS

Cashiers can reprint already submitted and printed invoices.

This is a major security flaw for us.

Does anyone have a script to prevent reprinting of already submmited and printed invoices?

Am thinking we hid the print button behind the submit button so once you click submit, the invoice is submitted and printed at the same time.

Any help will be very appreciated.


@olamide_shodunke into the print node, I need to add some security requirements.

One of these security requirements is exactly the prevention of an double print
Another is the injection of an water mark into the print
And a Third is an more robust, that is an print signature, With an QR code, that can be used to validate that the document dont changed.

These features will be upcomming into the next release of print-nod integration, in 2 weeks ±.
One bad thing is that dont work for Offline POS.

We have not been able to make print node work for receipt.

Something to do with item tables not working yet with print node ?

@EnSeal you want to chip in?

@olamide_shodunke, the XML-ESC/POS table support are really limited!

But after some months of research I found an way to fix that

This issue that I opened in my project is just to fix that