Price List Report - Custom field not updating and populating in reports - still not working?

Can we produce a custom report showing item, description and the 4 prices from different price lists

Tried to find report builder per the tube video and failed miserably

Help/Advice appreciated

Search for “Item Price Stock” report in the search bar if you are on the latest version, this report may help you.

Pawan - thanks

Indeed on latest version.

Is there any information on “How to edit” anywhere? I am not a programmer, have been using ERPNext for years but this is confusing me.

Can you have a look at Item Price - Item-wise Price List Rate as well? Standard Reports are not editable. Your custom report will have to be generated from the Item Price List.

Thanks for the comment - still lost sadly

I need a report in xls so as to sync with shopify.

The report needs fields:
Item code, item description, shopify price, shopify code, barcode - shouldn’t be difficult but I just dont understand where to start!

I select price list, go to customize, add the fields I want - all no problem. How do I get the fields to pull the data from the item data ?

Appears I am not the only one that has come up against this, anybody know if its been “fixed”

Thanks for this Spicerlad1.

We feel your technical frustration to bootstrap your learning all this time.

Two suggestions are to include a screenshot to illustrate your point.

Also use the forum search function Search results for 'custom reports' - Frappe Forum

hope this helps

illustrates my issue, screenshot attached

Nice that helps - the more you contribute the more willing folks are to respond to help

This escapes me - what context do you refer to here? Exactly what are you trying to do or edit?

An up to date user guide would help ERPNext immensely - I have been a user for years but generating reports is difficult and there seemingly is zero guidance. I see references to code work in Github and wanted to make it clear that is beyond my talents.

Appreciate the interaction, thanks

Agreed, this product succeeds when appreciative folks like you contribute :wink: