Pricing Rule not getting applied to Quotation

Hi All

I am new here. Not sure if this was answered before. if so kindly point me to the right post.

I have only set the buying Item Price for an item (no Selling price added) eg: 10 Eur and have also set the pricing rule with the margin set at 10% ( selecting this rule to be applied on All Item Groups applied on the Price and no discounts selected in this case)

Now when i test this rule with a demo quotation. and save it as a draft. It says the pricing rule is applied but the value under the rates column still shows Zero.

Am I missing something ??

I think you need to set it as “selling” instead of “buying” for the pricing rule. The logic is that you are adding a margin from your purchase price. Please try it and see if it works

thanks @Raymond_Liew for the reply

sorry I didnt mentioned it before… its already set at “Selling” in the Pricing Rule

Any other suggestion to try ???

Can someone advice what to do ??

Could you share a screenshot of the quotation?I tried configuring the same use case as mentioned by you, and the pricing rule is working fine.

Thanks @michelle for the reply

This is the Quotation

This is the pricing rule

Margin Percentage

Hi, the rate column shows zero because you haven’t entered the rate for the item itself. This has to be done in the item master and has nothing to do with the pricing rule. Kindly enter the rate in the item master or in the rate column, the pricing rule will then be applied on it.

Hope this helps.

Yes the rate is to be fetched from the Buying price of the Item, which is already been set in the Item Master as show below

Try checking the “Selling” checkbox in the Price List since the Pricing Rule is defined for selling as mentioned by you.

Hi @michelle

I did what you have asked … See Below with Item price with both Buying and Selling Selected.

And the same price list selected while use a Quote as well

Could you kindly raise a support ticket for the same? We will have to check into your account to know what is exactly causing this issue. Kindly send your issue to

I am actually running the Development VM on my laptop and its been updated just a day back