Print format type server and js

i custom make a POS Invoice in two difference print format type one is “Server” another one is (Js) i use this jinja code it work very well in type server print format but not work in js type anyone have idea why?

{% if item.item_tax_rate == ‘{“GST - RD”:6}’ %} S {% else %} Z {% endif %}

The JS print formats are deprecated.

Maybe they will come back - like all things do… Time is circular

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anyone know how to make it work with Js type print format?

some of product we selling are GST charges with 6% some are free GST.
in Item, item tax section i set 6% for gst charges item and 0% for non gst item.

so i use {{ item.item_tax_rate }} the output is {“GST - T”:6} and {“GST - T”:0}
what i want is {“GST - T”:6} display “S” and {“GST - T”:0} display “Z”

i duplicate point of sale print format type js. after amount column. but it not work

{% if item.item_tax_rate == ‘{“GST - T”:6}’ %} S {% else %} Z {% endif %}

anyone know how? can help me.