Problem during bench start command

Getting problem during starting the bench.
Please help ! 15825483656556249489459952049361

looks like your redis server is not running.
check the status by typing sudo service redis-server status
if not running then type the following command to run the service
sudo service redis-server start
or refer following link: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'werkzeug.contrib' (erpnext 12.4.3) - #6 by MartinHBramwell

Thanks Jitendra for your support.
But it seems redis sever is working.15825518296533443250364293613125

try this:

sudo service supervisor stop
sudo service nginx stop
sudo bench start

Hey Maheshwari
It says unit supervisor service not loaded.
On the web it showing following error15825701852636640591580150542193