Production Server Testing


I was able to make a production server and installed it in a different computer using Ubuntu 14.05 server.
I wanna know how to test it? How can i setup my production server that i can access it from different computer?

Many Thanks!

You can connect to it using the ip address of the server or the domain name in a browser.

how can i know the ip address of my server?

Run the ifconfig command inet address is the IP address of your system.
try to search on google first.


Im not using vbox… my server is installed from a different computer… i wanna access it from different computer…Can you teach me how to access it?

If you have been able to install erpnext in production, finding how to connect to it should be doable.

i figured out already …Thank you!

You need to let us know how you figured it out so others can learn from it.

after installing production server … i change the my port that in ~/sites/common_site_config.json to the available port in my router.for me its 8090…please see Accessing Production server - #3 by cpsolution