Programmatically upload files to Customers

I need to upload files to customers in the background. It will be used for uploading patient medical records to a customer record for future reference.

Please advise on how to upload a file to a customer record using python code.

I have tried using the REST API but with no luck.

I have also tried adding a record in the tabFile table and it worked but I wasn’t able to download the file through the interface. It gave an error (403 Forbidden). It seems the file was not registered in the readable list. Also I was not able to delete the attachment through the interface.

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REST API works for uploading files…

You need to convert the file to a base64 encoding, then send using the following PUT command
"cmd=uploadfile&doctype=" + myDoctype + "&is_private=1&docname=" + myDocname + "&filename=" + myFilename+"&filedata=" + base64File + "&from_form=1"


  • myDoctype is the document type to attach to
  • myDocname is the document name to attach to
  • myFilename is the name of the attached file
  • base64File is a string containing the base64 encoded file data

Note that the is_private affects whether anyone can access it or not.

The address you send that command to is your base web path: e.g.


Hi @Ben_Cornwell_Mott
where should i run the PUT command?

can you please give a complete frappe call so that I can understand it properly.