Project field in POS

Hi all,
How can I add the Project field in the POS transaction by POS Profile?


what do you mean by pos transactions? on POS page itself?

@ khushal_t yes on the POS page, the system will take Project value which has been set on POS profile.
Basically, when we create a sales invoice it has a project field that has been set by our need, but when we use the POS page most of the default values come from the POS profile to create a Sales invoice in the background. I want to add a project filed in the POS profile to save the Project value in Sales Invoice when creating a POS transaction.


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Can you give details of your use case? POS is for quick retail transaction on cash/card basis. Items are deducted at the time of sales.

Project are linked to Sales Invoices which may have credit facilities. Delivery Notes are made to deduct the inventory.

It will help to track profitability against the Project.
Project Profitability Reference


@kietmak I think you have to use cost center instead to track profitability

@Mohammed_Redha thanks for your suggestion.


Did you add the field for Cost center into the POS page? I tried using page_js include but couldn’t make it work.

@aakvatech set cost center here:

Ok. This I understand, but I want to use the same POS profile & allow the user to select the Cost Center dynamically everytime for every transaction, if the default isn’t ok.

e.g. The POS transaction can be for specific client location, defined as a cost center, but only 1 POS system is in use, and there are 100 different client locations for which the retail sales is being done.

Managed to extend the POSCart and add the field

Thanks to example here jmi_erpnext/pos_page_js.js at 150ef687eb531743aa6bb8cf78ebfb5605b5b997 · mntechnique/jmi_erpnext · GitHub