Projects, Tasks and Gantt Charts don't seem to work consistently

Am I the only one having trouble getting Projects and Tasks to save data consistently?

We’ve had a series of issues with entering tasks from the project level and then the project data being stripped from the task so it is an orphan. Even after finding the task still in the data base we can’t save it to the project after manually trying again and again.

Also the Gantt chart function doesn’t seem to work very often. In version 12 it shows the dates, but any color changes or milestone assignments, etc… don’t update to the gantt chart.

I have some frustrated users (who are trying to revolt and just use ASANA) and I wonder if this is just us or if other users have similar experiences.


Hi @MichaelPinkowski and Steve what version? Are you aware of this Project and task table Bug

We are facing this mostly with V11 instances, which should be migrated to V12 soon.

Do you think the V12 will solve? (That Bug thread was so long I don’t even know where too begin…but thank you sincerely for pointing it out.)

Possibly yes, but only with manual testing by users familiar with the bug. The code apparently responsible for the Project & Task ‘data inconsistency’ bug was found and removed from v11.

ERPNext automated tests lack depth and breadth. But with 1000s of users exercising the v12 code, problems surface quickly so the opportunity to identify and fix them can be rapid.

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@Steve_Simonson please post specific issues, also paid product support is also available :wink:ERPNext for Enterprise

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I’ll check out the support options further.

I am curious if we face an issue on our self hosted that turns out to be a bug - does that prioritize a solution through Frappe (sponsored or otherwise)?

The concept is strong and I hope to find a fit on this idea. (To be honest I didn’t know that was available so thanks for making me aware.)

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This is exactly what Frappe support is for. If you are a customer, we are committed to offer you service levels based on the criticality of the issue. The fix is free for everyone though, this is how the product has evolved over the years.

You can also fix this issue yourself and send a contribution or go to independent service providers. Its all the same as long as the Contribution Guidelines are followed.