Property Management

We use it on Frappe Cloud and it works.

Haven’t faced this problem. Which version? It requires you to add csf_tz and then propms. It’s there in requirements.txt

Yes. Found the solution in another post and was able to install. I must say though that the csf_tz app has some cool stuff in it. I found the Fleet Management particularly interesting but it seems to be dedicated to freight and delivery management. Any chance it could be customized to manage company fleet as well?

Thank you. Still need to finish off work. These are just doctypes, and many were overwriting core doctypes, so haven’t moved forward on all aspecst. But hey! it’s a start that somebody can continue.

Do share what was the issue. Something that we can fix in propms?

Lets keep all discussion regarding the repo of aakvatech propms here so that anybody can use it for q&a

It wasn’t an issue specific to propms. I didn’t know at the time that i needed to install cfz_tz before installing propms. Found the instruction in another thread and was then able to successfully install propms.

This module may help you


@fkardame can you share the link to repo?

AOA! Please can you share repo of this system

Hello, @aakvatech I’m trying to work on custom doctype and it gives me an error or repeated label either it is not hiding or it is deleting. Below screenshot for your reference.

And on updating the doctype for any small change it is giving an error of label repetition.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Version 13

This App will work in ErpNext 14?

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We will be testing it soon

I have tested the install. It does not work in version 14. It breaks the installation. I’ve had to uninstall it to get Erpnext working again.

But I will wait for this update.


Send me the traceback so that I can figure out the point of error

hi aakvatech, is this working with version 14 as of date?