Property Managment

I am looking to install a property management module on my Erpnext.
please advice

I saw the link about this, but I didn’t try,
No document


This is not working

Please help him, @aakvatech.
I saw that you are owner of this module,
If you have any documnet about thí, could you please share me. I want to use it to reference.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks @ [lamphannguyen]


To install:

bench get-app propms
bench get-app csf_tz
bench --site your-site install-app csf_tz
bench --site your-site install-app propms

We are aware that documentation is necessary. We will be spending time in next 2 months on it.

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Hello Sir
What is csf_tz? is it required?
I did install the propms only & I can see the propms was installed successfully but doesn’t appear on the main desktop of the Erp
any idea ? i am on v12


csf_tz is another app that we use in our country. propms is built on top of it so you may need to install both. It’s an app that shouldn’t do any harm, just few automations

This module will help you