[Proposal] Manufacturing Roadmap Apr - Jun 2020

I agree the need for another aproach for Config to Order other tan Variants that are very limited and hard to maintain, or even imposible in products with rich customization

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Hi All
if every operation is mapped wrt start and end time then…
if every operation has already been fixed with a process time (the time taken to complete an operation on a work centre IN-HOUSE considering all required aspects) then
A job ticket can be issued to an operator on a work center
The Operator logs in the start time and end time of an operation in the job ticket
The operators Incentive can be calculated at the month end for incentive payments
the average percentage time taken by an operator to complete an operation
this can map operator and work centre efficiency

Have begun using the work order and job card features
my observations are
Changes to workstation and operation are not possible once the bom is submitted
Use Case
A particular operation is designated to a particular work center and the bom is created
what if that work center is under maintenance
then i may have to process the operation in a different work center
what if i dont have a similar work center that could do this operation, then i might have to outsource the operation
In all above case, i might have to create different bom’s which is tediuos
In my opinion, the operation should be selected at the work order level
Because, at the time of issuing a work order, i should be able to select the operation and work station
Operation Number is also required so that each operation can be numbered
Use case 2
what if i need to add another process
Imagine my steel frame goes to the customer without painting
but, for this particular batch, he needs the steel frame to be painted
then again the bom should be remade
Any thoughts on this

Warranty Claim
it culd be something like this
the Repairable product is made inward through material reciept ( serial number if available can fetch additional info)
user selects the form “Warranty and Repair”
the form opens
user selects Serial No
details of the serial No like product, customer, date of sale, address and other details gets populated
then a drop down box > to select “under warranty” “warranty expired”
if “under warranty” then
select “product re-placement” “product repair”
if “product replacement” then in table> select product > assign serial no
if “product repair” then
in table
select components that needs to be replaced
here the material consumed must be adjusted in stock with cost to company ( cost incurred for doing a free repair or replacement)
if “warrant expired” then
all those shown above
charges on components changed
tax on above
stock adjustment and accounts updation
experts can bring in a concrete workflow

I put hear an idea for the ConfigToOrder functionality that is needed I posted on [New Feature] Config to order: ERPNext version of SAP’s variant configuration – APP published, testing needed

The BOM can have a checkbox “hasVariants” and if you check it, it transforms itself in a “BOM Template” (like the actual functionality in ItemTemplates).

A Bom Template is a regular BOM with its usual ItemList, plus an ItemTemplateList, where you can add ItemTemplates.

So, maybe you have a CustomizeblePC where the user can select only the keyboard, mouse and headphones (each one in 50 colors/textures, so normal Variations became a problem).

The BOM Template has the ItemList with the standards:

  • The Monitor
  • Case, CPU
  • All the standard components for that item.

The Bom Template has the ItemTemplateList with:

  • KeyboardTemplate
  • MouseTemplate
  • HeadphoneTemplate

Instead of generating predefined variations of that BOM (it would be the same as having ItemVariants), you can create new BOMs on demand, and when you create it, the system ask you to fill which Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones you want. Each ItemTemplate in the list can be mandatory or not, so maybe one user leave out the Headphones. Maybe the user can modify the quantity of each one, if the BOM Template allows that.

A big plus : BOMs are multilevel, so the “CPU” could be another template, and you could customize it too (hard-drive, processor, memory, etc). Maybe an exploded ItemTemplateList on the BOM Template could do the trick.

Or instead of BOM Template we can make ProductBundle Template, or have another DocType (like when the ProductBundle was added)


@rohit_w This seems very exciting. Looking forward.
One thing: Data entry issue mentioned is really a challenge, but using app to solve this could also pose practical issues- in many facilities operators are not allowed or don’t have appropriate environment to operate phone. I would suggest if a QR/Bar code based mechanism could be explored.

As @JayRam suggested to involve user organization; I could involve, I represent a ‘Made to Order’ manufacturing firm.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation.
So we will add both features, user will create the single template BOM and will create the variant’s work order using that BOM as well provision to make the BOM for the variant using Template BOM. We will allow user to select the template item as a raw materials in the template BOM. To make variant’s BOM / Work Order, user needs to select the variant item against the template raw material (we will add the popup for that).


Hi @jalajc

We are thinking on the Barcode/Qrcode feature to complete the operations. But we need to understand how operator will work on multiple job cards with barcode/qrcode. For example there are 10 Job Cards, so does operator punch each job card to start/complete operations? It will be great if you could explain using the real use case.

This is super awesome!

For inventory forecasting, please allow us to change how long is the sales period used to calculate the forecast

For F&B business, we can add multiple outlets in a year. so last year data is not useful because each new shop opening will cause a stable increase of new sales from the Central Kitchen perspective

So if we have a new shop that just opened, we might need to use sales data only for the last month, because a yearly forecast will result in an underforecast number

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This should be addressed, and is a small develop if we follow the method proposed by djpalshikar

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Sure, will give the filters to select the period as well we are thinking to create this report based on item code, warehouse. Does this helpful in the case of new shop?

@rohit_w please make it optional. Since we have defined a BOM for each variant. We should able to carry on the way we have been doing.

System will check whether BOM is available or not against the variant item. If available then it will use that BOM else check for the Template BOM

Sounds great!
Thank youuu

Great proposal, like the added features.

I definitely see an interest in integration between ERPNext and Frepple. What feedback have you gotten? Is this something being worked on?

I’ve tested frepple and it looks very promising.
How can I support to make this integration a reality?

If you are willing to support the development or we start a crowdfunding for the project. I can deploy resources and we start weekly planning sessions

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Crowfunding will be great
How to start?

We two can start planning on the integration and then propose a project plan with timeline. I can deployed developers and we start with a crowd funded project where you can start as the first funder. https://www.ketto.org/

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I am newbie to frepple so I’m not the right person to give the specs documentation
Do you have operational experience with frepple?