[Proposal] Official docker for frappe

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This is a docker implementation for frappe. It is meant only for a development environment, please follow the instructions in the readme to set it up on your servers. Would really appreciate your feedback on the same


We are planning to make this the official docker setup - please share your comments!

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If redis is going to be in its own container, it may be time to change default bench setup to connect to redis using a password. Right now, the default is no password.

As we are talking here [1], you must do that the mariadb have persistent storage making their data dir as docker external volume, then docker compose doesn’t delete it on rebuild or down. This volumes can be named, then we can have any data volumes as we need. We use this on company to have persistent postgresql volumes for django.

[1] A working setup using docker compose

I think that there are various attempts to dockerize erpnext here on discuss forum, but none is ‘oficial’. This means a lot of lost efforts that goes to nowhere. If this thread will be the way to dockerize it I think that must be pinned and mark as oficial and try to merge ideas from the others.

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I followed the steps in readme and it worked as expected.

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good to know! Thanks @revant_one

@vishal thanks for your efforts please how can I take an image backup and send it to another harddisck or computer. If possible small guide.
Thanks again

Hey, @dufani1 thanks ! Check out docker save , is this what you are looking for? Will try making a guide over the weekend !

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Hiii @vishal thanks for your help, I think the most important thing is backup and how to send it to another location (using internet or local network or point to pint…etc) and how can we make sure that the backup done properly or not (for example by receiving an email tell us the situation of backup process). Sorry I am not a developer I am a business solutions consultant so I can’t help in this.
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