Proposed IFRS-compliant chart of accounts

I implement ERPNext for clients and the most painful part of the process is correcting the chart of accounts for:
a) IFRS compliance
b) sensible grouping of SCOTs/accounts
c) accurate naming and spelling
d) order of liquidity

I’m pushing an additional chart of accounts template to the ERPNext code:

At the moment, this is how the proposed chart of account will appear:

It’s been ages since I practised accounting. A bit rusty on accounting standards. Would love to hear feedback from other users who have implemented IFRS-compliant accounting to update the template.



Hope you checked our project dedicated for the localized Chart of Accounts.

Please consider contributing localized chart of account compliant with IFRS standards. Hope you will understand that ERPNext is an open source application, and that makes community contribution very crucial for compliance with local requirements.

I did try actually, but couldn’t add a new chart at all. And the ‘create a new chart link’ is not responsive.

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