Purchase invoice for bussiness expenses

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I am wanting to pay a Courier for courier services rendered and was wanting use a Purchase Invoice. Error : Item field is mandatory.

I found this discussion -

Ih this discussion there is talk of a few possible solutions to this, including the creation of an entirely new doc-type ??

This was in 2020. Has there been any progress/solutions to this ?

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The thread you’ve linked is just three weeks old. Purchase Invoices require at least one item. Is there a reason you don’t want to list what you’re paying for?

Doing it the way described here is pretty simple:

As @peterg asked, why can’t you create a service item called " courier services" and add the same in purchase invoice. You can link the expense account also to the item if required.

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Indeed, I can achieve my goal like this. What I did was to create an item-line, and completed all the
fields by clicking on the button on the right ( on that line). ( i.e. account head etc)
I then created a line in the “Purchase taxes and charges” table and also completed the fields by
clicking on the button on the right on that line. (i.e. account head etc).

Submitted the invoice and traced the correct amounts on the ledger ( Freight charges ; VAT )

I just wanted to make sure that , with me working on V12 that there hasn’t been some changes made in this regards in V13.

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I might be misunderstanding you, but what you’re describing sounds to me like how the Purchase Invoice doctype was designed to used. No differences in this regard between v12 and v13.

If the cost is a business expense, an overhead, and not stock you can post as creditor without the item number with a work around. This will put the entry in the GL and then allow payment of the creditor at some point in time. A dummy stock item is not necessary.
Erpnext does not handle expenses (non stock invoices) and creditors in an easy, or similar, to many other systems.

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Then I shall continue on this way. It does work. Just need to make sure that the account heads
that I use is the correct ones.

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Thanks for taking the time @jfe

Yes I am entering the “item name”-field manually with no item number.

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