pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'gst_category' in 'field list'")

When i creating new purchase order and select supplier i am getting following error pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘gst_category’ in ‘field list’”)

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Me too have same error…

Did you solve this error. I am also getting the same error

I found the issue. It comes when the pricelist does not have country selected. If I select India, then it doesn’t throw the exception.

Also, you need to select GSTcategory while creation of supplier.
I faced same issue afterwards i have added GSTcategory and it got resolved

Hello. I am still facing the issue. From where to update the GST category? I have my taxes and tax template ready for GST in tht accounting master table. But still when I create purchase order or sales order I face this issue. Can anyone help?

You might respond to these suggestions together with the complete traceback

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Thanks. This solves the issue.

Nice, however please give specific details what you learned - the actual problem, provide the complete traceback, what you did to fix things - that will help all and even serve you as a reminder, that’s how community works, welcome to ERPNext

Yes. I temporarily changed the country to other country than India and then changed back to India. In this way, the gst_category was updated in all the doctypes and the issue was resolved.

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Just create a filed called Gst category in customer Doctype through customisation.No need to put any values over it.for more details contact me

Thank you for your response however the error is solved. You can refer to the above thread for the answer.

I am getting this error while selecting supplier (with address linked in master)

Although if supplier master does not has address linked to it, this error doesnt occur

Can somebody help me with this error ? I have already tried to create custom field is_inter_state in supplier/address/sales & taxes charges template, that doesnt help either.

Create a field called gst_category in supplier

gst_category is already present, the error is regarding “is_inter_state” field !

Create that field in supplier through customisation

@Vivek_Champ I have already tried that too, it doesnt help

Shall we take remote

I have solved the issue, sorry for late reply.

In latest version of the erpnext installed from easy script, many fields are missing from forms, thats why the error occurred for me
This is default config of the Tax category form.

there are some missing fields, so i added them to form.

it solved the issue. but ERPNext team should do something about it.

pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘gst_category’ in ‘field list’”)

same error with me
also cannot find gst settings in accounts and while adding address in address list and entering the gst no in the gst section the same error occurs can any body help.