Python online training

Has anybody done this online Python course? What would you say? Is this a good course for beginners on ERPNext to learn about Python?

How about we identify and publish online resources that will help crunch the learning curve for starting developing and customization on Frappe and ERPNext?




I feel just learning python is not enough. The big barrier to learn frappe/ERPnext is the set up of the development environment, learning Githb, testing, I would even go a step further to say a course to bring different together and setting up a development environment would be super helpful. Also more likely people will try code and submit back!

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Agreed Deepak_Pai

Here’s a sample of environments Share your development setup. Here is mine - #16 by wnoveno

And yes so much to learn on this that and the other end - erp implementation, manufacturing, supply chain, accounting - you get the idea I am sure Jay :wink: