Question about learning erpnext

are there like step by step guide to learn erpnext like from installing(manual, auto, docker) it to learning each module and how to edit each modules functionality. i want to practice doing it
are you able to edit the erpnext source code in docker version or do i need to install it individually

I’ve never seen, or heard of, a detailed step-by-step guide like you’re describing. If done correctly and comprehensively it would be hundreds of pages.

Here’s my suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

  • These will not teach you about each module. I don’t think any -detailed- documentation exists for all of them.
  • However, this will help you teach yourself how to eventually explore and learn all the modules.

1. Install Frappe Framework/ERPNext

First, install ERPNext locally on your laptop/desktop. Personally, I would skip Docker and install manually. Although I really like Docker, it does add additional layers of complexity. Other people may feel differently about it.

To accomplish installation successfully, you may need to use one of the resources in Step 2 below.

You’ll also want some development tools. I suggest VS Code, plus a SQL IDE like DBeaver.

2. Choose your learning path(s)

Everyone has different preferences, but here are some options to learn:

A. Frappe Developer Certification

The purpose of these courses is to teach you the skills you need to develop with the Frappe Framework.

I have no personal experience with these courses, but other forum users might. You could also try contacting one of the trainers directly, and inquire.

B. Self Taught

It’s possible to teach yourself Frappe/ERPNext. I suggest first reading the official documents carefully, and -completely-. Do not just skim them.

As you read the documents, practice what you learn in your development environment. Create or edit a simple DocType. Begin making changes. Add or remove some DocFields. Edit the controller methods to change behavior. Add a button or dialog box in the browser by writing JavaScript. Create some reports about your data. Call a 3rd party API to import/export data.

When learning like this, it helps a lot to have a goal/purpose. Write something that -you- genuinely want to create. Something that makes you -want- to return to your keyboard the next day, and keep trying.

If what you are writing bores you, it’s a lot more difficult to learn.

Other resources:

  • Search the web for blogs and How To articles.
  • Search these forums using keywords (e.g. Script Report columns)
  • YouTube videos

C. Find or hire a Tutor / Teacher / Mentor

If you can find someone, meet them them regularly on Zoom, and learn/work with them. Ideally you would meet several times each week. A veteran Frappe Framework developer can help explain things that are unclear. Guide you through the framework. Review your code and give feedback. Help you get you “unstuck” when you don’t know how to solve a problem.