Quotation printing customization


i have some quotions a bout printing customizations .

in Quotaation i added a custom filed named technology

i need this filed to be in the middle of quotation
But the Print Formate Builder
is only allow to put your fileds Right Or Left

i need to put it in the middle.

some time when we made a long Quitation which is full of many Quotation Item rows

and press on PDF to see it

we see that some information is devided between pages

For example IN WORDS become in page 2

and some time that happen also with terms and condition to be see a part of it in page 1 and the remaining in page 2

so is there a way to say for example
to the Terms and condition Block To not devided But to move as one block
to the second page instead be devided ?

How to put a water mark in all the pages

when i press send email on that quotation i got a filed named

Select Print Format

i need to make my customize formate to be the default instead the statndard

hide a filed name But appear its content
For example here there is filed name

Technology crm

i need to see only crm

in pdf

  1. hide the unit of quoantinty
    for example we see


i need to see only the value not the unit
so i see 1

Any guide dears

  1. You can insert a new section, with single column and then insert technology field in it.

  2. Perhaps you can give page break in the Item master, so that new page will also have some items in it, and then totals. Check/Search “Print Settings” for Page Break option.

  3. No option to put water marks.

  4. You can set Print Format as default in the Customize Form for that Document Type.

  5. You cannot hide the field label and only make it’s content visbile. Atleast not in the format generated using Print Format Builder and in the standard one. You might be able to create one in HTML.

  6. Try checking Print Hide for Unit of Measure (UoM) field.


Hope this helps.


Dear umair

thanks a lot for your help

there is two point that i cant figure out a way to achive

  1. page break option

    i added an html in the print formate builder and added the code in it

the code is

that actually creadte an extra page but didt prevent the terms from divided between the two pages

  1. UOM unite hide
    i hide print the UOM in every where
    But its still appear
    may be there is a script that force it to stop ?

did you manage to solve this problem?
With page break in format builder?

page brake didnt work ,
currently i am using a manual way
i added a custom filed with type html
after the main table
and inside that custom filed i added
as many as i need as a line break
but page breake didnt work .

try div class=“page-break”

how dear ?

how do i use this in format builder?
I´ve tried almost everything and still couldn´t make this work

use custom Html tag. just Drag and Drop Custom html tag and click on edit html button and put above HTML syntax <div class="page-break">

When you use the drag&drop print format builder with an html field, the <div class="page-break"></div> will not work because of an issue with the div cascade (reported, see Page Break showing in preview, not breaking in print or PDF - #8 by lasalesi). The workaround is to use custom format, which is a plain html definition of the print format. In this case, it will work with

<div class="page-break"></div>

To prevent a table from breaking, you can use

<table style="width: 100%; page-break-inside: avoid !important;">

Again, the best results will be with the custom format.

Hope this helps.

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HI @sheno ,
So surprise that you can insert your logo ( FAST …) in line with Title of Doctype ( i.e : QUotation ) ,please assist to give us your code in this case ?
However, can we adjust the logo and DOC tittle at the same line BUT no need to insert logo in Heading Section but in " CSS Custom" as we can not be flexible with another logo replaced.

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you can do it from
setup - Printing - Letter Head

For additional print format customisations, refer : Customize Print Format