Re-run setup wizard?

I am running what I think is latest apps:

Installed Apps

  • ERPNext: v7.0.62
  • Frappe Framework: v7.0.45

I want to get rid of manufacturing and install schools. Do I need to somehow re-run the setup wizard? If I do,will that wipe all the updates I have made so far?

Thanks for your help in advance

Do you want the data? If not run :

bench --site [site-name] reinstall that will reinstall the entire database creating a fresh site.

Manufacturing is part of the ERPnext App so just hide it via settings/user - show/hide desktop icons.
Same with Schools, You should just hide the school module & Doctypes in the same way.

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vjFaLK - I want to keep the data as I have done a bunch of data entry already so I don’t think a reinstall is a good idea.

System19 - That is the rub, I cannot see the schools module at all. The user guide at ( talks about hiding modules and features, but my install does not have that either.


ok, in looking in more detail I see under setup → Show / Hide Modules that I have manufacturing unchecked and all the options for school checked. What I don’t see is any main menu items for administering or working with all the school document types. I still see manufacturing there, however

and… I am an idiot - lol. I figured it out. I did not have the module access and roles set on my user id. duh!

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