Recommended Tablet

I have tested a iPad with ERPNext and noticed, that Link fields would not work. I am looking for a tablet to work with POS. Other tests showed difficulties with item pictures. I would like to use the ERPNext App if possible. 10" would be nice.

Thank you for your recommendations in advance!

Check out BKM’s notes for example Unable to Access ERPNext on iPad's Mobile Safari (iOS 7) - #7 by bkm


What version of iPad? Seems like a fixable bug. It works on my iPhone.


You must also be aware that Apple allows the distribution of very different versions of software and apps based on the region of the world where the particular iPhone or iPad is located.

I remember testing an iPad here in the USA that would not work with ERPNExt and having a visiting friend with their own iPad from Brazil where it would work just fine. Yet, both had the same version level of iOS.

That is the beauty of Android. You can load anything from anywhere without being restricted by the App Store.

I use Android v7 and v8 tablets now for all mobile POS. I use windows tablets for all brick-and-mortar POS installations because you can use the standard thermal POS printers and cash drawers.

Apple is far to arbitrary about what they allow in any given region, and you have no way to change it. Safari browser in USA is different from Safari browser in China, which is different from Safari browser in Brazil, etc. With Android, if you can get the apk file, you can install it no matter where you are in the world.



Thank you for the insight. I will keep that in mind for future purchaces.

We ended up getting HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Lite they work well and are affordable