Redesigning Desk

There is the Desk Page doctype, the documentation will soon be added for this.


sounds very exciting

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Excellent work, can you add a list of recent 5 doctypes recently opened.
Also show in the desk only granted module name/ doctypes names, reports, dashboards as per role permissions.
In user doctype, could you change role as child table instead of checkboxes.


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ok, “gracias”…
There are another little issues…
i use es-Mx language… and not working very well…

@scmmishra I installed develop branch but still got presented with v12 instead of v13 and the new desktop is missing? How do I load it and test the desktop design changes before giving my opinions or report bugs?

bench update

You need to run bench build

Translations are not working fully as of now, it’ll be fixed soon

Awesomebar already is quite smart and does that. As of now we don’t want the desk shortcuts to be changing dynamically

Can you elaborate on your issue?

Ok, desk should compile and generate module name / granted doctypes, reports, dashboards dynamically as per role permission. since permessions are given to a role and not by user.

ex: suppose I create a user and give him access to material request only.

when this user logs in, system will check what doctypes granted access to him, in the desk we will show module name (derived from granted doctype) then list of granted doctypes in our exemple material request.

one more point, we don’t have an option to know which role we are using in the current desk, once logged in the desk does not show role name, only module name and related doctypes, role name is not showing any where. However, in workflow design we use role name to give actions. Purchasing manager role has more authority than purchasing specialist and so on. How to make available an option for end user to change role.

second, in user doctype to grant role to a user we have to check box each role, list of roles is growing, my point here to include a child table for roles, and roles will be added as a row as much as we need to give roles to a user.

I passed answer for smart awesome bar answer, where it is one click more.

thx for your time and happy to help for better product.


Hi @scmmishra plesse try to make possiblity of adding any new custom forms or report… Any new custom forms or reports shall possible to be added on desk.

Great job…In your new desk, is something like this easily accessible?
A list of recent searches, or a list of recently accessed documents?

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I wonder if there could be a better UI for the data views. For eg. - the list view or kanban could take the entire page width and not limit to a box like it is now. The top space could be better utilized by condensing the header and adding actions to the bar below top. Another UX point could be an overlay horizontal scroll bar which currently is all the way to the bottom and makes navigation annoying.

Another feature could be grouping in list view and graph view should be untied and list group by is almost useless.i would love to see a list view grouping that is like the PnL and shows all columns and not just sum or there mathematical functions.

If there could be some way to contribute to the UI UX ideas, I’d love to.

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This was already being done for previous desk, and is also being done for the current desk.

Regarding this, one user can assume multiple roles, all of this visible in the User Doctype. A user can check only her/his roles there.

This is a good suggestion. We can work towards building a better UX for this. You can create multiple role profiles to make assigning roles simpler and quicker.

Yes, for each module, both custom forms and reports will be added to the list. Users can also add the shortcut for it if required

This is actually out of the scope of current desk. However we do have plans on improving both the awesomebar as well as search and we’ll take this into account. Stay tuned.

Since v12, desk has a full width mode that can be used.

I’ve seen this in Github Projects Kanban view, it allows a full screen mode (screenshots below)
We can perhaps have such a view for reports, POS and Kanban.

list view and graph view should be untied in what way?

We use the group by to quickly check the number of issues assigned to anyone and open tasks.

Can you please elaborate more on this, maybe with more examples. I don’t quite understand. Thanks

Thanks a lot… can we add new custom forms uder dashbord of doctypes?? This will be a good added value feature…
Awating your reply

Yes we can!

Can you have 2 chart per row in the dashboard section?

Thinking of doing just that but only for the full width mode. It does not make sense to have the full size chart in that area.