[Release Note] ERPNext v12.7.0 and Frappe v12.5.0

Hope, you are safe amidst the COVID-19 disruption!

We are here with yet another minor release which we do every month. Thanks to all the developers who have worked hard and contributed so many new features, fixes, and documentation. And special thanks to those who helped to test the changes.

ERPNext v12.7.0


  • Allow Purchase/Sales Invoice without Purchase/Sales Order against a specific Supplier/Customer #20865

  • The address is now mandatory to place an order from Shopping Cart #20922

  • Target Warehouse for finished goods in Manufacture type Stock Entry now can be different from Work Order #21002

  • Qty in Stock Entry must always be positive #21004

  • Enhanced UX for Manufacturing module #19802

  • Default calendar for Job Card

  • Changed Timer Position, Added Pause, Resume Button

  • Progress Bar for Work Order Operations

  • Create Multiple Job Cards from Work Order

  • Removed Projected Quantity Formula Section from Production Plan and Added Doc Link Next to Field

  • Grouped relevant fields

  • Allowed customized Order Type in Sales Order #18096

  • Added Serial No Status field for the filter in List and Report view #21201

  • Enabled new regions (UAE, BR, MX) to amazon MWS connector #21195

  • Added Scan Barcode field in Purchase Receipt #21181

  • Added Cost Center, Warehouse and Item Group filters in Purchase Register report #21177

  • Show filtered items in Material Request based on Request Type #21173

  • Set Qty To Manufacture field as non-mandatory in job card #21080

  • Fetch batch no automatically from serial no, if the item has both serial and batch no #20757


  • The payment status of Expense Claim considering Employee Advance amount

  • Fixes in BOM Comparison Tool #20992

  • UOM fixes in Sales Order, Material Request and Production Plan #21015

  • Passive Italian e-Invoicing #19334

  • Batch selection popup not coming for stock entry #21036

  • Place of supply validation in GSTR-1 report (for India) #21057

  • On changing qty, the free item was not removing #21250

  • If Lead name has leading white space, Contact’s first name was set to blank #21247

  • Make Message field mandatory in Project, if Collect Progress is checked #21208

  • Show base received amount only when base paid amount defers from base received amount #21193

  • Consider reverted entries to cancel out expired leave entries which were reverted #21256

  • The tax amount after discount amount should be considered for tax calculation in GSTR-3B report #21241

  • Replace newlines with spaces before evaluation of condition and formula #21166

  • Get serial nos qty in Stock Reconciliation based on posting date and time #21169

  • Validate Serial/Batch No naming series in Item itself #21167

  • When shipping tax is set it does not clear cart and gives error #21035

  • While creating Sales Invoice from the shopping cart, enable auto allocation of advances #20878

  • Payment Request status fixes #21100

  • Add permissions on GSTR-3B report only for India #21163

  • Since a Customer Provided Item does not have a valuation rate, expenses should not be booked in Stock Entry #21156

  • Update Received Qty in Material Request as per Stock UOM #21055

  • Cannot set warehouse while deleting all items from submitted sales order and then adding new items #21078

  • Serial no scan was not adding the serial nos in stock entry #21082

  • Healthcare Domain Issues #21112

  • Appointment Reminders not working

  • Disabled Patient, Practitioner Schedule, Clinical Procedure Template showed as enabled in ListView.

  • Batch not getting fetched in Clinical Procedure Item.

  • Lab Test Template Item creation error

  • Lab Test Template error while creating a Patient Medical Record

  • Party details not set in Payment Request in case of payment failed from shopping cart #21085

  • Allowed Expense accounts with only base currency in Landed Cost voucher #21074

  • Price list mentioned in Customer Group should get priority over POS Profile #21117

  • Show proper currency symbol in Total row in Accounts Receivable/Payable report #21090

  • Add item defaults based on global settings only if default company and warehouse is mentioned #21088

  • If “Display Items In Stock” enabled, show only available items in POS #21071

  • Update Requested Qty in Bin based on Material Request Type #21065

  • Ignored user permission for parent_company and existing_company field in Company #21010

  • Wrong calculation of depreciation eliminated in Asset Depreciation and Balances report #21032

Frappe 12.5.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect calculation of week ending date in Dashboard Charts (#9712)
  • Fixed issue with default value not getting set from user permission (#9796)
  • Fixed report export in excel (#9813)
  • Fixed invalid date parsing issue (#9890)
  • Fixed issue welcome emails getting sent even after send_welcome_email was unchecked (#9902)
  • Fixed print format occasional render failures (#9821)
  • Fixed issue with private files being publicly accessible in some cases (#9935)
  • Fixed random failures of Filter By option in sidebar (#9892)
  • Fixed an issue with Query Report’s custom fields not getting retained (#9787)
  • Fixed Webform redirect issue (#9793)

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Minor UI fixes (#9699), (#9716), (#9800), (#9825)
  • Now Energy Point summary will be sent only if email notifications are enabled (#9893)
  • Now, for workflow enabled Document Types, cancel button will only be visible if document is cancellable (#9811)


  • Allow System Managers to view Notification Settings list (#9895)
  • Added ability to set 0 precision for currency fields (#9725)
  • Now fields of type Data, Int & Check can be used for filter by option in the sidebar of List View (#9767)
  • Introduced calendar for ToDo (#9807)
  • Added more Genders and Salutations (#9870)

Thanks for the hard work. Just installed the latest version.
Got some error upon starting server : “erpnext.healthcare_healthcare.doctype.patient_appointment.patient_appointment.send_appointment_reminder”

I think it meant to be : erpnext.healthcare.doctype.patient_appointment.patient_appointment.set_appointment_reminder

And after fixed that, got this error :
File “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/handler.py”, line 69, in is_whitelisted
01:43:11 web.1 | raise frappe.PermissionError(‘Not Allowed, {0}’.format(method))
01:43:11 web.1 | frappe.exceptions.PermissionError: Not Allowed, <function update_last_known_versions at 0x7f0da058c620>

please remove the reference and proceed till the fix gets merged, thanks

Thanks @akurungadam for the fix, merged the fix in version-12 branch.

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Can we expect these changes have also been implemented to the “develop” branches as well?

Yes, all the changes are also included in develop branch.

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Sweet! Thanks guys! Awesome work.

@nabinhait Email notifications for successful backups broken since this update.

@flexy2ky can you elaborate on this issue. Perhaps open a descriptive bug report on frappe

@gavindsouza Issue raised on Github:

.NonUniqueError: Address: Field ‘PAN Tax ID’ cannot be set as Unique as it has non-unique values while update.

Just for your ref. same company with 4/5 different branched and separate addresses however same PAN no. how it will work or done. we get errors in update its bug.

Duplicate of Role while creating user - #3 by arokia this also occur in new update. Kindly look into it.

Is it possible if we could also include this feature on the Items? Because sometimes there are suppliers with mixed items which means the item can be received or items are for billing only. Also, if possible to have a checkbox on the item record if it will be included in the printing of the transactions so that it will be automatically not included on the print but still be included or visible on the transaction?