[Release Notes] ERPNext and Frappe Version 13.12.0

We have released the version 13.12.0 on the 5th October 2021, below are the list of features and fixes we have added in this release.

ERPNext Version 13.12.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Merge POS invoices based on customer group (#27471)

  • Get items from material request in purchase order (#24725)

    • Earlier system was fetching all the items from material request to purchase order
    • Now user can fetch the specific items from material request to purchase order
  • Validity dates in Tax Withholding Rates (#27258)

    • Replaced fiscal year with From Date and To Date, to start the TDS effect from the mid of the fiscal year.
  • Toggle for reduced depreciation rate as per IT Act (#27600)

    • Added a toggle in the Finance Book to enable/disable the automatic reduction in the depreciation rate.
  • Deduct the TDS using Journal Entry (#27451)

    • Refactored TDS payable monthly report to show the TDS data which was created using Journal Entry.
  • Party specific item (#27281)

    • User can set the specific items to the supplier
    • While making purchase transactions, user can see the items which are linked to the respective supplier.
  • Provision to add scrap items in job card (#27483)


  • Maintain same rate in Stock Ledger until stock become positive (#27227)
  • Duplicate Contact error on add Patient (#27427)
  • Distribution of additional costs in Manufacture Stock Entry (#27629)
  • Website Items with same Item name unhandled, thumbnails missing (#27720)
  • Delivery Note for transfer w/o internal customer (#27798)
  • Setting of gain/loss if party account is in company currency (#27659)
  • Check if doctype has company_address field before setting the value (#27441)
  • Removed b2c limit check from CDNR Invoices (#27516)
  • Cannot delete a project if linked with sales order (#27536)
  • Employee advance return through multiple additional salaries (#27438)
  • Improvements in COA Importer (#27584)
  • Validate if item exists on uploading items in stock reco (#27543)
  • Handle Excess/Multiple Item Transfer against Job Card (#27486)
  • Values with same account name and different account number in consolidated balance sheet report (#27493)
  • Added project name in the purchase order analysis (#27701)
  • Shopping Cart and Variant Selection (#27508)

Frappe Version 13.12.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Custom database port for read-only replica configuration (#14159)

  • Built Assets Management (#14271)

  • Multi-select dialog child table filtering (#14181)


  • shift + tab keyboard navigation broken (#14243)
  • Checkbox hidden in List view in mobile view (#14144)
  • Keep checkbox checked after updating checked rows (#14110)
  • Date or datetime fields disappearing on save (#14139)
  • Fixed sql convention inconsistency (#14230)
  • Pass doc to attach_print to avoid “Not Found” (#14253)
  • Webform Permission for custom doctype (#13594)
  • Total Row hidden in query report (#14209)
  • Delete all functionality was not working as expected and it was slow (#14241)
  • Pass no_default_fields parameter further down to recursive calls (#14158)

What is the best way to upgrade the VirtualBox version to Version 13? I tried the bench update, but that brings it up to the latest Version 12, but doesn’t seem to upgrade to Version 13.

We use this one:

sudo bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade
sudo bench update --patch
sudo bench setup requirements
sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
sudo bench setup requirements
sudo bench migrate
sudo bench build
sudo bench restart

Source: Anyone every backup database from another version and restore to a new version (13) - #2 by Jermaine_Gray