[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.4.0 and Frappe v12.2.0

ERPNext Version 12.4.0


  • Validity of item tax. #20135
  • Dynamic filters for dimensions in the budget variance report. #19973
  • Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice is not mandatory for an existing asset. 19980
  • Allowed multiple Landed Cost Vouchers against a Purchase Receipt / Purchase Invoice. #20058
  • Rounding adjustment while both inclusive tax and additional discount amount are applied. #20078
  • Fixed an error while doing payment reconciliation for party type Employee. #20088
  • Show Closing row in General Ledger print. #20161
  • New report - Stock and Account Balance Comparison. #20226
  • Paid amount should not be over-written on clicking “Get Outstanding Invoices” button in Payment Entry. #20050
  • Currency symbol in Sales / Purchase Register report
  • Currency symbol in “Bank and Cash Payment Voucher” print format.

Human Resource

  • Fixed leave allocation on the compensatory leave request submission. #19961
  • Create Payment Entry against Employee Advance to return any unclaimed amount and update returned amount in Employee Advance. #19955
  • Set Party against loan accounts in an accrual journal entry for salary. #20022
  • Editable loan repayment schedule after submission #20122
  • Update the paid amount and status of a loan after processing salary slip against it. #20023
  • Settings to disable rounded total in salary slip via HR Settings. #20150
  • Submit Salary button was not showing after creating salary slip in payroll entry. #19753
  • Payment Entry against payroll entry should deduct loan amount (if there are any loan deductions in salary slip). #20194
  • Show only relevant “Job Offer” in Employee Onboarding based on Job Applicant
  • Added dashboard in Employee Advance


  • Fixed backflushed qty for partial receipt against a subcontracted purchase order. #20026
  • Added “Set Reserve Warehouse” field in sub-contracted Purchase Order. 19992
  • Only shows if the supplied items table is not empty
  • On entering a warehouse in the field, it sets / overwrites reserve warehouse in Supplied Raw Materials table.
  • In Backflush Stock Entry against Work Order, additional cost for service items (defined in BOM) should come proportionately based on finished goods qty. #20105
  • Hide transfer button in a subcontracted PO if full qty is already transferred. #20155
  • Set correct valuation rate of finished goods item in case of multiple material consumptions. #20165
  • Job Card creation from Work Order dashboard


  • Fixed ambiguous column name in the Batch query. Test by searching in any Batch link field.
  • Fixed incorrect reorder level in Stock balance report
  • Validate Batch for serialized items
  • Get the outgoing rate of serial no from SLE if serial no already transferred to another company. #20171
  • Deliver Note creation from Sales Order dashboard. #20199


  • Addition and deletion of items in submitted Sales Order / Purchase Order. #19911
  • Get item price based on price list considering minimum qty. #20206
  • Product Bundle item should not appear in dialog on click of “Create Material Request” button. #20216
  • Delete linked communications on the deletion of company transactions. #19928

Frappe Framework Version 12.2.0


  • Performance improvements for module view (#9258)
  • Allowed multiple webhooks for identical doctype triggers (#9208)
  • Allow Kanban creation with column data in list view (#9211)
  • Ability to add fields to quick entry through customize form(#9146)
  • Allowed tables to be sent with dates in webhook (#9171)


  • Whitelist schema.org attributes (#9125)
  • Fixed grid empty row validation (#9045)
  • Treat HTML editor as a data field in the standard filter (#9123)
  • Fixed bug in show/hide global cards (#9165))
  • Fixed validation for an email in standard filters (#9048)
  • Ignored Tag Link validation in Report (#8928)
  • Persist scope search in search page (#9207)
  • Load latest custom report instead of the latest reference report (#9192)
  • Fixed custom report load (#9221)
  • Formatting for “check” in print view (#9147)

Other Fixes

  • (Re)allowed custom filters/methods to be used with jinja (#9156)
  • Fixed file duplicate check (#9162)
  • Fixed Auto Repeat. Derive next date from the start date and offset (#9178)
  • Child Table Update in New Data Import (#9131)
  • Fixed error while trying to print PDFs (#9134)
  • Made email parsing rfc5322 compliant for python3 (#9056)
  • Fixed email sending & receiving issues (#9202), (#9158), (#9155), (#9190)

Hello, i use

#### Installed Apps

**ERPNext:** v12.3.1 (version-12)

**Frappe Framework:** v12.1.0 (version-12)

Which is the best way to get ERPNext v12.4.0 and Frappe v12.2.0 ?



Hi Jannis you have to pull those changes.
You can use this command :
bench switch-to-branch version-12 frappe erpnext --upgrade
It will take to v12.4.0 and v12.2.0
It worked for me in my local instance


If you are already on V12 then do bench update --reset from frappe-bench folder.


jannis@ubu: cd frappe-bench

jannis@ubu: bench switch-to-branch version-12 frappe erpnext --upgrade

 jannis@ubu:~/frappe-bench$ bench update --reset from frappe-bench 
        Usage: bench update [OPTIONS]
        Try "bench update --help" for help.

jannis@ubu:~/frappe-bench$ bench update --reset

It is a very big download.

Where we have a documentation for the upgrade input?

That’s the correct command to reset all local changes to the code and get the newest version.

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That --upgrade option switch applied to direct a bench update to upgrade from say v8 to v9 for eg bench update --upgrade. But that --upgrade switch seems to have been deprecated a version or so ago (I think)

edit: Yes that’s the case, refer to here Upgrade Error going from v8 to v9 ERPNext - #23 by abhinavjain

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Hi @clarkej @rmeyer @Muzzy

Its true as the members said bench switch-to-branch version-12 frappe erpnext --upgrade it will take to new version.
Sorry for my wrong command.
Below command is right & works

bench update --reset
frappe-bench$bench version
erpnext 12.4.0
frappe 12.2.0